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Fiction: Cigar Boy Part #1

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“There Will Be Days Like This”
Nine hours into a twelve hour day, workload had finally calmed enough that I could steal a break.  Back shift had also started, meaning I was no longer the only traffic officer covering the north area of our county.  The incoming team knew the earlier inclement weather had run myself and my southern counterpart ragged, so they were now leaving me alone unless there was a major incident.  The weather had since done a complete about face – it was warm and the bright sun was shining.
I’d parked the marked work vehicle in a prominent spot to ensure visibility from both the motorway and to observant drivers’ entering the out of town retail park with drive thru coffee shop.  I was sat straddled across a bench on an outside table, having finished food and now enjoying a large cup of coffee – the first chance of the shift.  Enjoying the heat, I’d unzipped the top of my tight wicking black uniform polo shirt a little to circulate some air, donned my sunglasses but was still wearing my hivis body armour, with Taser tucked into its pouch, handcuffs and baton on display. 
Ten minutes earlier, I’d been doing my community engagement duties with a young mother with two children who were staring wide eyed and running around excited to speak to a ‘real life’ police officer.  Flashing them a smile and removing the sunglasses, the kids played with my handcuffs and tried on my cap as I chatted to them for a while to build those bridges of “I only lock up bad people”.  Kneeling down next to the kids, as I’m fully aware that 6’ 3” 110kg of bearded muscle can be intimidating.  Under some circumstances, intimidation is good.
Running a hand over my salt and pepper flat top, I smoothed down my body armour, and decided it was an appropriate time to spark up a cigar.  I was contented with myself, the warm sun deepening the tan on my tattooed forearms, and my muscled legs in tight black combat style trousers tucked into my highly polished patrol boots. 
I really enjoyed weight training these days; and it was paying off.  My quads and calves were solid and defined, waist narrow, and I was told had a good tight pair of rounded glutes.  It all helped when going after someone on foot, or when going after prey in the local leather bar.  I had a strong and square jawline adorned by a neatly trimmed salt and pepper beard, which generated me some good attention even at 50.
The jet lighter efficiently did it’s work on the Cuban Montecristo, and I inhaled the strong fumes, breathing out clouds of smoke.  Some pleasures in life were meant to be enjoyed slowly.  With one ear listening out for radio chatter, there was nothing to catch my attention and I was enjoying the moment.  Reaching down I adjusted my cock in its tight confines – my mind wandering to the last time it was serviced by a boy in tight leather chaps in the bar.
My attention was distracted by a guy getting out of a newly parked car, putting on his suit jacket and heading towards the coffee shop.  Shaved headed, his white dress shirt was well fitted and his broad shoulders and chest filled it well, tapering down to a narrow waist and tight fitting trousers.  I estimated he was close to six foot, clean shaven, with a vehicle commonly used by executives.  Through my sunglasses, I made a mental note of the registration to check later and continued enjoying my cigar whilst simultaneously enjoying the scene of this muscle suit approaching the coffee shop entrance.
As he approached, I kept one hand on my uniformed crotch, the other on my cigar.  As he came closer, I continued to enjoy the scene – this square jawed handsome looking boy, with an attractive swagger, filling his suit well also had polished shoes and clearly took pride in his presentation – ex military I idly wondered. 
Before entering the coffee shop, I noticed him glance first at my boots, then at my crotch; before nodding at me.  Behind my sunglasses, I kept watching and echoed his nod back.
Continuing to inhale the strong smoke, there wasn’t too long now before I would start heading back, wash the vehicle and enjoy my evening, before the next few days off.  Perhaps it was a night for full leather and the bar; or cruising prey online.  Either way, my cock was getting semi hard inside the confines of my uniform and was going to need unloading soon.
The coffee shop door swung back open and muscle suit re-emerged with his take out coffee cup, his suit jacket draped over his arm and presenting a good unhindered view of a bulge filling his fitted suit.
“Busy day boss?” he threw in my direction with half a smile.
“Earlier yes, calmer now.  Time to recover” I returned.
“… and enjoy a good cigar?”
“One of life’s pleasures.” I retorted “Ultimately not good for my body, but I try.”
“Yeah, boss looks fit and strong.”
“All the better to intimidate my more difficult ‘customers’…  You train?”
“Yes boss, ex para and enjoyed the discipline”.  He took a drink of coffee.
I raised by eyebrows, my cock swelling even more imagining that suit replaced by a tight cammo uniform and boots feasting on the jock which was now increasingly tight under my uniform.
“Explains the well-presented shoes and fitted suit.”
“Yes Sir, although your own Magnums need some attention.”
He’d spotted both the fact that I was wearing Magnum boots and that the normal mirror shine was scuffed from a busy work day.  I was still working out his angle; perhaps friendly;  perhaps there was shortly to be a legal question; perhaps just bored.  While enjoying the view, maybe some tactical use of keywords to see if this was potential entertainment.  I purposely took a long inhale on my cigar and savoured the flavour, considering my words and actions.
I exhaled the smoke in his direction “Cuffs tested, and boots spotless at the beginning of my day; now they need some spit and polish”.  I spread my legs slightly more and casually adjusted my bulging cock in my combats.  The cigar was burning down and ash fell directly onto my boot, as if on cue.  He looked down at the boot and dropped his head, making him look deliciously submissive.
“I’d take care of your cuffs and boots if of interest to boss”.
No denying that was a direct come on.  I again cupped my now hard cock in my uniform.
“I’m interested boy, you need to report here again in two hours, and explain the discipline you mention enjoying to serve me”.
My radio blared, and I heard my collar number.  Fuck.  I responded and the despatcher asked if I was available for job.  Another road traffic collision.  I picked up my cap and rolled the half smoked cigar out on the concrete.
“I would have taken care of that for you boss”.  He purposely extended his tongue and lowered his face.  “Two hours Sir”.
The job was more time consuming than I’d anticipated, but after I’d dealt with it appropriately, two hours had already passed.  By the time I washed the car, and got back to my locker, a further 30 minutes.  Removing my belt and armour but staying in uniform and donning a jacket, I took my kit bag with me and transferred it to my own vehicle, in case the familiar registration was still waiting.
Anticipating disappointment, my cock jumped to attention when I again pulled into the coffee shop and observed the same vehicle still waiting in a different parking spot.  Reversing parallel in the next space, I motioned for the boy to join me.
He jumped out his driver’s seat, passed the front of my vehicle giving me another good view of the hard body absent jacket, and sat in my passenger seat.
“Sorry boy, I got involved in a job, but it’s nice to still see you’re here”.
“Yes Sir.  Reporting as ordered”.
“Discipline and service?”
“Willing to serve you in any way and be your property”.
“Safe, children, animals.  Need to be back at work on Monday”.
“Your property to be enjoyed Sir”.
“Boss in leather or uniform?”
“Uniform Sir, thank you Sir”.
“Special fantasies or fetishes boy?”
“Arrest, restraint, breath play, rape Sir”.
“Last chance to back out now with no more questions”.
“Sir, no Sir, still want to serve your needs”.
“Good; dismissed.  Back in your vehicle, follow me, I’ll take us somewhere your vehicle will be safe, wait there and you’ll be arrested into my custody and serve me.  Understand?”.  Looking down there was now clearly a prominent bulge in his suit trousers.
“SIR YES SIR”.  Beautiful music to my ears.  I stroked my cock through my uniform, excited at the prospect of invading this ex-paras holes.
He opened the passenger side door and returned his vehicle.  I started the engine and pulled in front to take him somewhere which was both safe, free from CCTV, and prying eyes.  My cock was straining inside my uniform and it now needed release.  Soon enough this boy was going to service it.
Pulling into a dark but safe layby within a few miles distance, I parked up in front of his vehicle.  Opening my kit bag, and again fastened on tight fitting body armour, covered it with a yellow hi vis jacket, pulled on my leather gloves and clipped by belt around my waist.  Adding my flat cap I walked to the driver’s side of his vehicle and motioned he wound down his window.
“Step out of the vehicle and lock it behind you sir”.
Opening his driver’s door, he exited his vehicle, and once I heard the click of the door, I pushed my gloved hand into his back and pushed him face first against his car. 
“I’m arresting you on suspicion of criminal damage at the motorway services.  You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence....”
I unsnapped my handcuffs from my belt, immediately took a hold of one of his wrists, brought it behind his back, and pushed the spring loaded metal until it looped round and engaged with the ratchet.  I could feel him struggle in vain as I finished my formal caution and ordered him to present the other wrist for restraint.  There was slight hesitation in his mock struggling, to I gently used my free hand to push a pressure point which enforced the compliance, and soon the other cuff was locked around his other wrist.
Using my boots to kick open wide his legs, and off balance him slightly, it showed off the fitted shirt and suit trousers he was wearing, black leather belt, tapered waist, and now the tightly spread cheeks of his butt.  He was several inches shorter than me but all taught muscle.
Keeping the scene as authentic as I could make it I asked him if he had anything on him I should know about or that was likely to injure him or me; and holding the cuffs with one hand, commenced a four quadrant search of his body starting from his wrists.
I purposely enjoyed moving my gloved hand up the muscular arms, feeling the strength of his bicep through the tight shirt, and taking note of the ink underneath.  Moving across the chest, feeling his muscles tense as I circled my leather covered fingers purposely hard across his nipple, down his abs, back round to enjoy the perfectly formed butt and spreading my fingers and palm down the cleft to the back of his cock and balls. 
I could already tell he was rock solid and repositioned my gloved hand at the top of his belt line, moving directly down to the prominent bulge in his tight suit.  Slowly stroking downwards, I enjoyed the feeling of my gloved hand as it slid down the fabric and over the length of his swollen meat.  Cupping his balls, I squeezed and slapped forward, causing him to cry out.
“Good boy” I whispered “We’re gonna have lots of fun tonight…”
Grabbing his hard cock with my gloved hand, I stroked the length of it, increasing the pressure and speed to jerking him off inside his suit.  There was no intension of giving him too much pleasure; just enough stimulation to keep him on the edge and compliant.
I again returned my gloved hand to enjoying fondling his tight cheeks and fingering his boy hole, before continuing down to his front pocket, removing his keys, and other pocket, and removing his mobile phone and wallet.  I tucked them both into my body armour for safe keeping, and continued to pat down search down his legs to his ankle, and then the other.  Thick muscular legs which would look good tied in the sling later.
Pulling him backwards by the belt, I motioned for him to move to my parked vehicle.  In his still handcuffed state, I followed closely behind enjoying the movement of his suit tightly spread across his muscular behind.
“Back seat boy, passenger side”.  Opening the door, he stooped down to get into the vehicle.  “On your back boy”.  Living on the cuffs, he angled the best he could across the read seats of my vehicle.  Taking him by the neck, I pulled his face onto my swollen crotch and pushed my cock against his face.  “Open your fucking mouth pig”, I slapped my gloved hand across the side of his neck.
Keeping  my utility belt in place, with all its attachments, I reached for my zip, and pulled it downwards, revealing the black jock under my tight uniform. 
There was slight hesitation, so I increased the gloved grip across his neck and encouraged him forwards.
“Show me that tongue and get that jock nice and wet”.
I was already horny as hell at the sight of this restrained muscle boy his back arched over the seats, muscles straining as he extended his tongue to cover the length of my cock straining against the jock.  Despite needing earlier encouragement, he was willing, and I could feel the pressure of his mouth and tongue.
Pulling my jock down, I let my cock and balls free from the confinement and they sprang to fully erect status.  I could see the pronounced bulge in the front of his suit now had a satisfying damp ring around.
Putting two sets of gloved fingers around the back of his thick neck, and two thumbs around the front, seeing the opportunity when his mouth widened, I pushed my cock into his mouth down to my hair.  Not expecting such an assault, he started choking against the invader, so I pulled back out slightly, let him take a breath before again slamming the entire length deep into his throat.  I felt him gag, but I gripped his neck tightly and started rhythmically fucking his muscle para’s throat.
“Take that cock in your throat, or you’ll not taste boot leather.  My property to be enjoyed.  Those cuffs are doing a good job in stopping you playing from that hard slave cock of yours”.
Increasing the pressure with each stroke, I tensed my butt, and thrust the length of my cock into his throat, as he learned to relax and take it deeper.  The repeated pressure as his throat closed around the swollen cock head was exquisite, and in my already turned on state, the pressure in my balls was growing to fever pitch to hold off much longer.
Using my leather gloved hand to cover the front of his nose in his reclined state, I felt my senses heighten and the familiar tightness overtake me, as with a final push and withdraw from his throat, I sunk my cock the length of his mouth and felt my seed fire into the boy’s throat.
“Swallow that cop seed slave, like the para pig you are”.
He coughed as I unloaded and his eyes watered from the exertion, but my two gloved hands held my cock deep in his throat as I felt it constrict as he took the reward as ordered.  I continued fucking his throat to ensure every drop had been taken before pulling out, my cock head still swollen and moist.
“Use your tongue boy, clean out every drop”.
Offering my cock head again to his face, I returned my leathered grip to his neck and as moisture rolled down his face, again encouraged that beautiful mouth and tongue to service the end of my cock and every drop of his reward.  As ordered, the tongue licked the slit, and around the cock head, cleaning every drop of cum.
Reaching forward, I took a hold of his cock which was clearly constrained within the suit trousers and heavily leaking precum.  I stroked my gloved hand from his balls slowly up the length of his rock hard shaft as his tongue worked across my balls.  Increasing the pressure, I jerked him inside his trousers faster.
“That’s a nice precum stain you have horny fucker, big cop raping your throat turn you on?  Want to shoot your hot load boy?  ”
“SIR YES SIR, please SIR”.
My gloved hand worked up the length of his shaft, squeezed the tip before repeating.  His cock was so hard, I was looking forward to unwrapping the content, but I still wanted him controlled and frustrated until far later.  Edging him further, I could feel his breath increasing and his hips thrusting against my gloved hand.
When he started moaning and I could feel him getting very close to release, I stopped,  put my cock away and straightened my uniform.  I lightly slapped my gloved hand across his cheeks and squeezed his chin.
“No boy.  Not allowing you the pleasure.  Not this early.  Property. “
He made a noise I could only describe as a whimper.  He was clearly desperate to shoot his load, but there was a long night ahead and I had plenty more to enjoy.
“Stay cuffed and continue, or had enough boy?”
“Cuffed please SIR”
Without a further word, I went round to the back of my car for an item before returning to the open rear door.  Slowly finger by finger, I removed my gloves, looking down at my attractive playmate for the night.  Perhaps this day wasn’t a complete loss after all.
“You locked your car up boy?”
“SIR, yes SI…”
Before he was able to finish, I pushed my black leather glove deep into his mouth, and then took the roll of wide black utility tape I’d got from the boot, ripped off a large length and then taped it across his mouth.  I took another longer strip, and wrapped it round the back of his head, again over his mouth, and back behind his shaven head, effectively silencing him other than moans.  The tape was industrial, inescapable and effective.
Taking two shorter strips, I taped over both of his eyes, rendering him blind.
I patted him on the head gently whilst he struggled, and I reiterated
“My property, to be enjoyed”
Shutting the rear door, I went to the other rear door, took both of his ankles, crossed them over and taped them steadfast.
“You can have a good struggle boy, you look good muscled and straining.  Let’s go and have some real fun”.
I returned to the drivers seat still in my uniform, and turned the ignition, my cock once again hardening…

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