Sunday, 7 February 2016

Site Review: Tumblr - Your Daily Dose Of J/O Material

So, if you're like most guys - fairly visual - and not living exactly in a gay mecca... you need some other form to release that pressure....

If you're not familiar already with Tumblr - it's fast become the place to go for all imagery - free of censorship and complete self expression.  When other sites like Google+ and Facebook are getting more and more vanilla, Tumblr is still going from strength to strength.

To start, go to
Then enter something in the search criteria.

Whilst tumblr can host blogs and text, I'd say the majority of content is image and video.

The best advice is to register yourself an account.  That way, you can follow peoples 'feeds', and even start your own blog or reblog other user feeds if you want.

With luck, you'll get something which peaks your interest.  Then you can link to that holder's 'blog' site and if you want, subscribe.  Most users register their own site with a customised URL, like, so they become very easy to bookmark.  You can also 'follow' a site once you've registered and account for easy access.

The standard browser tools to download images are available, and with a bit of research, you might even find a way to save someone's site content for your personal use.

There is an 'explore' button which will give you blog suggestions based on your interests or subscriptions, which might help you more.

Remember: users can take down their blogs at any time.

Yeah, I have my own Tumblr blogs if you're interested, links below.

Enjoy guys. 

bdsmcop - My original blog. Leather, uniform, bondage, muscle (or anything else which perks my interest).
arrestingmen - completely random things which I like. Anything could come out here.
gayuniforms - just uniforms. Real and otherwise. Cops, Military, Fire, Cowboys.
justcops - Just police officers from around the world.
ukcops - Just British cops. 

m/txt: +447942999885 | w: | t: @Bear_Cop

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