Friday, 19 February 2016

Your Gay Movie Pr0n Fix: Bit Torrent 20160219

Last time, I talked about visuals in the form of Tumblr and your daily p0rn fix.  This time round, it's the time of another medium you might not have used, or heard of, called BitTorrent.

In the 'olden days', downloading large files on the Internet was a pain.  Of course, technology has moved on somewhat, and Internet access speeds have gone off the scale by comparison.  We used to use Usenet - where binary files and images were converted into plain text, and then split into a series of messages which were relayed around servers via 'newsgroups' related to certain subjects.  Once all the messages were downloaded, our software put the files back together again.

Whilst Usenet still exists, these days, we have another way of downloading large files.

Enter Torrents.

Disclaimer: please follow the law in your country of origin - in certain areas, you may find that BitTorrent sites are filtered or banned.  Be sensible.  You can always be tracked (unless you are using the 'dark web' where upon it becomes far more difficult - more about that another time). 

The principle is the same - people convert a file into lots of small pieces, and then share them from their device utilising a 'tracker' which allows people to search and point to the files.

To download, it's as simple as downloading a BitTorrent application, and then following the link to download from the tracker site.  

You download pieces from 'peers' on the network, and allow people to download from you by 'seeding'.   

There are often 'Ratios' demanded by Torrent sites - for example, if you are allowed to download, you must 'seed' until you reach a ratio of 1:1 (You've downloaded 1 copy of the file but also uploaded the same equivalent).

Popular BitTorrent clients exist for most platforms - for example utorrent, ABC, Vuse, Transmission to name but a few.  Please be careful what you are downloading and ensure you download these from the original websites to avoid malware and ad-ware which is often sneakily packaged by people distributing this software.


1. Download and install a BitTorrent client.
2. Visit a tracker.  You mostly have to register for these sites.
3. Find the torrent you wish to download, and download to your client.
4. Wait until the file finishes downloading. 

Another note - don't BitTorrent on mobile cellular connections such as 3G or 4G, or at your place of work.   Doing so will either likely give you a *very* large cell bill, or you may find yourself out of gainful employment. 

Remember, you may have a metered Internet connection which has limits per month of download content - don't end up with a large unexpected bill shock!

When downloading Torrents, ALWAYS ensure you have adequate anti-virus protection running on your PC.  While numerous Torrents are fine, there are exceptions; and will always be people who wish to harm you and steal your data. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 

In another article, I'll advise you on some sites to use which seem reliable....  until then, keep playing...  

Disclaimer: I take and hold no responsibility for any mess you get into either legally or computer security wise from following any aspect of this blog post. 

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