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Fiction: Cigar Boy Part #3

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Chapter 3

Recovering from my exertion, his tongue returned to work on my other boot after his forced feeding of my seed as I tucked my moist and still hard cock back inside the jock and confines of my uniform.  I needed to relax and recover before I used him again.

Still in his fully restrained state, his tight fitted shirt was now starting to show patches of sweat which only seemed to highlight the trained muscles beneath.  He was still clearly turned on with the pronounced hardon showing in his suit, and moist patch spread across the grey fabric of his crotch.

Despite his recent feeding, the tongue seemed as enthusiastic now as ever; his wet chin taking long strokes across the tip of my other boot, leaving it moist and glistening.  I could again feel the pressure of each stroke, and the tip of his tongue working between the laces.  I leant forward to drop ash on the glistening boot and patted the top of his leather hooded head with my glove.

“Good slave”.

In two small, moist licks, the ash was again gone, and returning long strokes restored the high shine of the black leather.  Again I was presentable for the streets to my satisfaction with the help of a willing boot boy who was only a short way into this evening’s training.  I continued to savour the remainder of my cigar burning down, periodically tapping the ash directly into the boy’s mouth for disposal.  I rewarded his efforts more by rubbing my black leather gloved hand on his chin, lips, and pushed inside his mouth, finger fucking that beautiful wet mouth.  I made sure the cigar smoke was exhaled to fill his senses and invade his nostrils.

The smell of the cigar smoke, leather and sweat; image of him restrained and horny at my boots and sounds of creaking leather, wet mouth and occasional gagging once again sent the blood to my cock and it swelled inside the jock.  Pulling his head forward, I brought it onto my crotch only to witness again the tongue extending and licking the length of the closed uniform zip; chewing on the fabric and drawing in the scents of his owner.  He used his mouth and chin to put pressure on my balls right up to the head of my cock.  This boy knew how to pleasure a boss.

With the cigar now burned down I stubbed it out and reached down to pull him up by the collar to face me in a slouched standing position as best he could still in a belly chain and legcuffs.  Suddenly yanking forward the collar and disorientated by the leather hood depriving him of full vision he lost balance and fell forward onto my body armour and hivis jacket.

Putting my gloved hands around the perfectly muscled butt cheeks, I adjusted his position so that his chin met mine and smelled the black boot polish, sweat and sex on his exposed chin before placing my hand on the back of the hood, and encouraging him closer where my lips tasted his.  Soft, tasting of leather and smoke; I forced his lips open and probed inside his mouth with my tongue, gently at first and then roughly as deep as I could.  He physically seemed to go limp, and surrendered to this new assault, then kissing back as vigorously.

I was enjoying exploring his mouth, and I could equally feel both our cocks rubbing against each other from the confines of their clothes.  I ran my gloved fingers down both side of his butt, squeezed and pulled the cheeks apart, and drew circles with my fingers around his hole.  If all went well, I’d abuse that soon too.

“Another choice boy; stay or go?”

“Stay…” through a breathy response “please…”  and then gaining his composure and remembering his position “SIR YES SIR”.

“Then I should make something for us both to eat….  After all, you can’t live on leather and protein alone…”

I caught the sides of his mouth turn into a glimmer of a smile before I guided him into a standing position, the chains making a glorious sound as they dragged across the concrete floor.  Reaching for my belt, I unclipped my keyring and led him to lean against a wall at an angle.  I enjoyed running my fingers down his back, over his beautiful tight butt cheeks, down one leg, and inserted my key and unlocked one ankle cuff and released one foot, then the other.  Next, I released one wrist and then the other from the belly chain, before unlocking the padlock and removing it completely.  Last to be removed was the leather cocksucker hood to reveal his full handsome features.

“Strip slave”

He didn’t need ordering a second time, and immediately reached up to undo the buttons of his white fitted shirt pulling it out from his belt line.  The shirt now had moist patches throughout, making the dark outline of his tits visible, and some extensive military tattoos.  As each button was undone top to bottom, I enjoyed what I saw more and more.  A largely hairless chest, sculped and defined, fully inked, narrowing to a pronounced set of worked out abs.  Bulging biceps, defined shoulders and muscled forearms covered in more ink.  I couldn’t resist stroking down the chest, playing with each of the nipples and down the six pack abs which were covered in a thin trail of dark hair.

The bulge in his suit pants was prominent, with the shadow of his long hard cock straining for release, and large damp stain from his precum.   This image too was too much to resist and my gloved hands continued down his crotch and cupped his balls and gave a good squeeze.  His eyes closed and there was a growl of complete utter frustrated pleasure.

I teased and played a while more before he was rewarded too much, I stepped back and expectantly raised my eyebrows and looked at his crotch.

The non-verbal command obeyed he reached down for his belt, opened his zip and slid his trousers down to reveal ink down each leg, and a now moist white jock with his cock head extending out under the waist strap.  Just beautiful.  I rubbed my gloved fingertips over the end of his cock, collecting the precum then delivered it to his eager waiting mouth and he licked the leather keenly. 

The view from behind with the jock framing his tight muscled bubble butt cheeks was equally as fine, my gloved hand tracing the tanned circles and over his puckered pink hole.   I gave a slap which took him by surprise before he steadied himself.

“All of it”

He quickly pulled the socks off and jock, and freed his swollen purple cock head now fully erect, pre-cum forming a bead ready to drip from the slit.  He was neatly trimmed with a nice pair of primed bull balls, and decent girth and length. 

I stood behind his wide shoulders, and placed my hand on the back of his neck and whispered in his ear “if you cum without permission, there will be punishments.  Understand?”  I closed my fingers around his ball sack squeezed and pulled them down.


“Good boy, then I need to fix some food for us, and keep you amused for a while… Face the wall, spread eagle… show your owner his property for abuse… and don’t move…”

He again leaned against the solid wall, spreading his arms and legs wide in prone position, and providing me with the best view of muscular body, tight balls hanging down and spread butt, pink hole all willing for me to take any way I wanted.

Moving to one of the storage areas of the playroom, I unclipped two lockable heavy padded black leather fist mitts and a heavy black leather sensory deprivation hood and put the padlocks in my body armour.  Returning to the boy, I ordered him to put one hand behind him, and slid the heavy fist mitt over his wrist, pulled the buckle shut, fastened and padlocked into place.

Ordering him to reverse position, I saw him looking at his new padlocked restriction and flexing his fingers inside to try and explore any attempt at escape.  The fist mitts are designed to stop all ability to manipulate and create a ‘hand prison’ and it was suitable for the next position he would find himself in.  With the ability to fully lock them and the attached D rings, no boy was pleasuring himself without owner permission.

I pulled the next mitt into position, and again, pulled the buckle strap tight and applied the padlock.

“Stand tall boy”

There was precum dripping from the end of his bulbous erect cock leaving a snail trail to the floor.

I stood behind him, reaching forward to play with his balls and slowly and torturously pump the full length from the base to the glans; nibbled his earlobe and reiterated “if you cum without permission, there will be punishments”.

I took a step back, taking the leather hood, and pulled it down over his head, cutting out all sight and muffling outside sounds.  The sudden change must have taken him by surprise as he pointlessly raised the fist mitts to feel his head to which I slapped his butt hard, and I forced both hands back into the wall in a spread-eagled off-balance position.

I set too pulling each of the laces tight down the back of the hood and tying them off at the neckline, and then pulled the back zip closed.  I pulled the collar tight and slipped another padlock through the zip and clasp.  Next I buckled the straps over the eyes mouth and around the jaw to a suitable level of tightness, and padlocked each in place. 

Hearing his breath sounds from the nose holes, the sudden complete inescapable isolation and heady smell of black leather and padlocks clicking shut appeared to make his cock twitch and produce even more fresh dripping precum.

I gave him some reassurance by putting both arms around his chest and gently playing with his nipples to which he moaned pleasure before guiding his isolated senses towards the fuck bench.

I positioned his feet in the right location using a gentle kick of my boot and then encouraged him to bend forward, into an all fours position over the bench.  I quickly fastened the straps around his fist mitts, and then his bulging biceps were also restrained.  Next I clipped the hood down and pulled the strap around his back, followed by a strap each across each of this thighs calves and ankles.

It was a beautiful sight seeing this muscle stud fully restrained and hooded; strapped at every movement point; unable to do more than squirm, focused on his own breathing, his cock and balls hanging free and dripping with precum and hole exposed.

I pushed play on the slave mind programming MP3 he’d hear inside the hood and made myself more comfortable by stripping down out of the majority of my uniform to just my trousers, boots, jock and gloves.  My cock was already starting to recharge and want more action and I stroked it through my uniform.

Leaning forward, I took his solid cock and stroked the length of it, wiping the build up of precum back down the shaft and over my gloves.  Flicking on the cock head gently, I reminded him who was boss and received a muffled moan from the strapped down hood in response.

Wiping the precum back up behind his balls, I stroked up the length of his butt crease from bottom to top, then top to bottom again, fingering the edge of his butthole.  Each time I teased around the puckered-up ring of flesh, there was moaning and struggling into the fuck bench.

The endless loop MP3 was filled with repeating suggestions of ownership, service, compliance and bondage sex sounds.  I found that it enhanced the sex experience for both slave and master especially with ex services; and they enjoyed being ‘programmed’.

Leaning forward, I spread the butt cleft with my moist gloved hands and started my tongue at the very back of his balls, and licked and teased every inch between that spot and his butthole.  I licked his balls and tasted the hot scent of each as I took each into my mouth.  The struggling in vain against the tight restraints continued, along with guttural growls.  I’d certainly hit an Achilles heel.

Changing track again, I started at the small of his back with my tongue and followed the trail down the sensitive treasure trail, but this time, continued to reach his pucked ring, and circled it with my tongue.  The struggling stopped but the muffled moans continued.  

I teased the edges as long as I could resist before the call of exploring inside the exposed pink ring overwhelmed me as I pushed my tongue inside the captive target.  I saw a new glob of precum directly drip from the edge of his cock onto the playroom floor, as the growls got louder.

There was an exquisite taste of flesh, sex and sweat as I fucked his ring with my long tongue.  Spreading the cheeks wider and wider, I worked deeper and deeper and teased every nerve.  My cock was again fully hard at all the sensations of this fully controlled muscle boy who was every inch my property. 

As enjoyable as this meal was, I needed more formalised nutrition and there would be more opportunity later to completely use him.  I would continue this exercise later, but now I needed to condition him into a game he couldn’t win.

Moving more toys into position, I mounted a dildo onto the fuck machine which was slightly smaller than my own girth, and fastened it to the fixing on the back of the fuck bench.  Moving it forward, the edge of the dildo pushed against the moist open pink opening, and the stud bucked again against the heavy straps, realising the change in sensation and he was about to be violated in a different way.

Adding some lube, I moved the machine forward, and the bulbous end of the black dildo pushed against its target.  This produced the loudest growling to date, and as I pushed forwards I felt resistance as the opening stretched, and then snapped shut as the dildo fully invaded him.  Fixing he fuck machine into position, I switched it onto the lowest speed.  As the mechanism revolved, I watched it almost withdraw before it plunged back in and he growled again.

There was no way for this stud to avoid the sensations – the straps were very secure and anchored him completely immobile in the perfect position for this exquisite torture.  I added some more lube and set the control to gradually increase in speed over 15 minutes, if he could last that long we’d see.  The soundtrack and suggestions being played on a loop would further reduce his resistance. 

I set the timer, and then went upstairs to change and prepare some food...

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