Monday 27 May 2024

Fiction: Daddy's Home (Part 3)

You return from the bedroom quickly so our food is still hot. I’m pleased to see that you’ve “dressed for dinner” and your wide chest is now squeezed into a tight fitting black leather shirt and tie, leather waistcoat tucked into padded black leather jeans and boots almost matching my own attire. Those are my favourite jeans to see you in; the heavy padded polished leather fits just perfectly and accentuates your bulge while giving me the opportunity to undo the rear zip for use at any time I desire. On occasion I’ve seen the frustrated looks from other men at bar night when I’ve added a belt and a few padlocks to deny them of any prize. I also know you love being taken out plugged to remind you of your Daddy and that my strokes of your perfectly formed leathered cheeks when we’re out make you feel so submissive and owned.

Reaching for your heavy metal collar still on the kitchen counter, you quickly close it round your neck and it locks into place. I flash you a smile and caress you leather to leather, searching out your mouth and planting a passionate, tender kiss on your lips. You’re a good boy.

Dinner tastes good, and we chat about the week and I listen to find out who’s upset my boy; providing counsel as a good Daddy should. Eventually the smile returns from the handsome collared leatherboy across the table, and the tension starts to melt away. I make a mental note to surprise you with a weekend away somewhere and look after your pastoral and sexual needs. Perhaps a weekend in a cell might do you good…

Clearing the plates, you stand at the kitchen sink and start the clearing up, rolling up your leathered sleeves and giving me a view of that back getting wider every day and the perfect butt. Now our bellies are full of entrees, I know just what I want for dessert… Closing the gap between the table and the sink, I feel the secure steel of your collar before sliding my leathered arms down your sides and then looping them round your waist. You smell so good; leather mixed with masculine musky boy scent… and I can’t resist sinking my beard into the exposed back of your neck, rubbing my beard up and down your neck, kissing you and nibbling…

I know this is having the desired effect as I feel you melt into the sensations and conversation turns to muted groans. While I’m far bigger than you I know how you love this feeling of being prey and being physically dominated. My cock is again swollen and ready for more attention on my boy.

While continuing to savour your neck, I reach down and enjoy the leathered curves of your butt, taking your back zip and slowly pulling it down. My fingers explore inside and search for that puckered pink opening. My boots connect with yours and I kick your legs open a little wider to expose the prize. Pushing you forwards against the sink, I slowly drop to my knees and spread the leather apart and run my tongue down that treasure trail until I find what I’m looking for. Probing with my tongue and then my fingers the pink price is still moist and soft, stretched from the earlier invader and tastes of boy musk. As you’re so relaxed, my finger doesn’t get much resistance as it slides inside, and you let out a moan. Lubing up more with my spit, I feel the uncomfortable hardness and precum leaking from my own cock and reach down to unzip my own leathers. My cock springs erect and moist to the air, and I immediately kick your legs wider and move you to brace against the kitchen counter.

I rub my moist cock head against the cleft of your butt, and tease it against the puckering hole anticipating what’s coming next. I think it’s even moist enough and stretched enough to invade you here and now. With a little added spit, I push against the opening and my length slowly slides inside that perfect hole without any discomfort. I feel you brace harder, and let out a grunt as my glans slips through your sphincter and inside. The squeezing of your sphincter around my cock just makes me even harder, and after a few progressively deeper thrusts, I push the full length of my cock balls deep into your boy hole. The grunts we both release are testament to the primal urges being enacted; a Dad in full leather owning his leather boy.

It’s an exquisite feeling as my cock slides between the leather zip deep into my boy’s hole, each stroke gripped and getting me closer and closer. I want this to last longer, and see your face as each stroke goes into you; so I order you to turn round and undo the rest of your zip, seeing your cocked cock fall out of the leathers, with a sticky trail of precum. Daddy is a strong man too; and it doesn’t take much to encourage you up onto the kitchen island so Daddy can see your face as he continues to ride you.

I continue to push inside, enjoying every stroke and trying to hold off as long as I can, with you grunting with each entry. But a full leather fuck of my handsome boy meat is difficult to resist, and with a few more strokes, and your gripping Daddy’s cock tight, I feel the unmistakeable building, and breathing heavy I fire my seed inside you. Our mouths and tongues connect as I thrust each drop inside and stay inside you as I know you enjoy.

“Thank you Daddy. That was very hot”.