Sunday, 16 July 2017

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Site Review: Serious Male Bondage

Serious Male Bondage is a paid for subscription site which provides viewers with images and video content based on bondage themes.  Content is downloadable.  At time of publication, the site was approximately $25/month.  Content is updated approximately each week. 

'Subjects' are generally either naked, or dressed in leather or rubber, and restrained using a variety of methods, some of which are fairly common (handcuffs, rope, medical restraints, straightjackets, sleepsacks, metal); and others utilising custom made or unusual equipment (packing foam, water, restraint chairs, chastity).  

'Subjects' are not professional models, and this is an amateur site.

Review keywords: boring, repetitive, camp, soft core, poor value

My thoughts: 
If you get off from images and videos of guys in bondage and have a good imagination, this may be for you.  If you're only interested in the gear, this might suit you too.

There is very little variation of content other than twinks and camp Americans giggling their way through 'scenes'.  You'll seldom see any fresh faces on the site - so if you don't 'get off' from the regular 'staff', you'll be sorely disappointed and quickly bored.  

Indeed, sometimes an 'update' is an interview with a gear maker or someone talking about an experience and no actual play.  This provides poor value for money in my view for a subscription site.

This site will not be suitable for you if you are into role play or master slave scenes.  The video content is as matter of fact as someone trying on a pair of new shoes or a coat.  Even when p0rn stars such as the body builder 'Derek Pain' are promised, most of the scene is not captured.  Many of the videos are shared with other sites.

The majority of the content is non-sexual other than the bondage.  Do not expect to see anything other than occasional forced jerk off in the videos.  You will not see penetration or other sex acts here.  Rarely is there even nakedness.  If you're using this for j/o content, the campness may break any horny thoughts (I suppose you could turn the sound off).