Thursday, 15 October 2020

Fiction: Cigar Boy Part #2

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The drive home was less than an hour with the boy restrained on the back seat. The steel cuffs behind his back must have caused discomfort with every movement in his heightened state.  Finally reaching my property, I pulled up on my long driveway which was far away from prying neighbours and unlocked my seatbelt; crotch still swollen with the thoughts of the training I was to give this new playmate.

Looking over to the back seat, the boy was now lying on his side, facing away from me and providing perfect view of well fitted fabric of his suit trousers his hands and feet still securely bound.  I reached over and ran my hand down the back of his shaved head, to which he was clearly surprised to feel my touch.

“Are we still happy to be owned property for my use boy?  Nod your head for yes”

There was emphatic nodding.

“Then relax here until I get prepared”

I opened my door, and unlocked the house, proceeding directly into my garage come playroom.  If he wanted imprisonment scenes, I’d make sure they came true.  I prepared a few items ready, picked up a few more, and returned to my waiting captive.

Opening the rear passenger door, confronted with the boys still taped ankles, I bent over his knees and placed my uniformed body weight on top of him whilst I slid a heavy belly chain under his waist, padlocking it tightly behind his back with a large padlock. 

“Now boy, I’ll take off your cuffs, you just put your hand on the back of your head for me”.

Inserting the cuff key, unlocked one wrist, and he quickly complied with instructions.  I unlocked the other wrist, and without releasing it fastened the new belly chain cuff around his wrist and snapped it shut.  Taking the hand behind his head, I also repositioned it at his waist, and snapped the other cuff around his other wrist.  Both wrists were once again securely locked to his belt line.

Unwrapping the tape from his still crossed over ankles, I went on to fasten a metal leg cuff around each ankle, completing the application of the prison restraint system.

Learning forwards, my weight still on his legs, I removed the loops of tape from around his head and mouth, and pulled the leather glove now moist with boy spit from his mouth.


“Stay face down for me boy, while I untape your eyes.”

I carefully removed each piece of tape from each eye whilst had kept him deprived of his sight since our roadside scenario.  Leaning further forwards, I took his earlobe in my mouth and nibbled gently.

You’re fine boy, doing well”.

In his new prison escort steel, with my uniformed weight still pushing down on him, he wasn’t able to raise his head up far to see much other than the car seat, but instinctively turned his face to the side for his lips to connect with his master and owner.  I indulged him as much as the angle allowed, by meeting lips with him, tasting him; pushing my tongue inside his mouth to exert my complete dominance and ownership. 

He let out gentle moans of approval before I moved away and swiftly pulled my favourite black leather ‘cocksucker’ hood down over his face and shaven head.  I could smell the delicious scent of warm leather mixed with boy sweat as a cinched the laces tight around the back of his head, fastened the collar tight, and clicked a padlock in place.  His lips pouted through the open mouth hole and his sudden disorientation would have been enhanced by the small pepperpot hole eyes restricting his vision.  I covered the eyes with the matching blindfold, snapping the metal poppers into place, again returned his awareness into leather darkness.

Padlocking a chain to the collar of the hood, I released my weight pinning him and encouraged him to position himself to get out the vehicle.  In his hobbled and retrained state, this was via brute force more than anything; although it was a fine sight watching this suited muscleboy in heavy restraints, his mouth ready for me.  His feet finally hit the ground, and I encouraged his direction and locked the car.

With every cautious step of his movement, there was a satisfying sound of metal against metal and metal against concrete, and the waist belt showed off his muscled torso and arms well. In his hobbled and hooded state, I led him down the side of the house, and through the door into my playroom.

Positioning him in front of my leather sofa, I ordered him down and helped him.

“Kneel”.  I snapped off the leather blindfold; the pepperpot eyes would have only given him tentative glances of the pleasures and torments he’d experience later.

It was an alluring sight having this boy fully restrained on his knees, looking submissive in his cock sucker hood, surrounded with the smell of heavy leathers and sex of the past.  I reached down and cupped my cock and balls through the fabric of my uniform and stroke, lifting my Magnums onto my boot stool.

“Service those Magnums boy, get them nice and presentable”

Without hesitation he knelt forward in his still restrained form and his tongue extended; moist and ready to connect with the boot leather.  He spat on the tip of my boot and his tongue connected.  His tongue took long hard strokes across the scuffed leather, soaking them with spit.  The hood fitted him tightly, the rear zip tapering down to the wide padlocked collar and releasing its distinctive smell.

He worked from the tip upwards towards the lace line, and then across from one side to the other with vigour.  This boy clearly loved is boot leather.  I could feel the pressure of his tongue on every stroke across the boot. 

The front of his suit was once again clearly bulging and a stain was again appearing.  As I lit another cigar, my own cock was straining against its jock, and I was enjoying slowly stroking it through my uniform as I felt the pressure of his tongue doing its job.

This first boot was beginning to shine from the attention, and I took a long draw on the cigar, and blow the smoke down towards the boy’s head.  Leaning back I undid my belt and zip, and stroked my now hard cock which was straining within the confines of its jock.  The swollen purple head was now moist and I released it to its full length from the elastic fabric.

Drawing back on the cigar again, I leant forward, and tapped cigar ash onto the existing wet boot, and his tongue hungrily cleaned the boot once again.  By now it was once again gleaming and presenting a high shine, and I was pleased with both his work and how this was entertaining my cock.

I stood and pulled him up onto his knees with the collar.  Looking forward down my uniform, my cock was standing straight out, ready to be serviced; and the submissive image I was witnessing with this muscleboy still suited, his wrists restrained against his waist in leather and metal was again building the precum on the edge on my cock.

The tented bulge in his suit with its moist patch spreading was a perfect target for some gentle pressure of my boot, and the fabric a good way to improve the shine still further.  Even with my boot, I could feel this stud was rock hard and clearly was already ready for some release.

Taking another draw on my cigar, I blew the smoke down towards my crotch, pulled back his collar to force his head back, and tapped the ash directly into his mouth.  With my one free gloved hand, I extended my leathered finger to his lips, teasing them for a while and then pushed it slowly into the length of his mouth.

There was no flinch or gag, just pressure from his tongue which I could feel exploring the length of my glove, and circling round it.

“Good lad.  Now open wider.

With cigar in one hand, I used the other moist glove to guide the head of my cock towards his lips.  This is what a cock sucker leather hood was made for – disorientate a boy, reminding him he was an object to serve his boss with his mouth.

“Use your tongue”

His tongue extended out the mouth of the hood, his strong jawline moist with spit.  There was now ash down the front of his chin and his tongue was stained with boot polish.  With his tongue extended, I circled by swollen and moist cock around it, letting him explore the taste and texture.  I pushed the slit against the point of his tongue, and he licked at it like a cat with cream.

I ran the length of it past his tongue, down to the base of the shaft. 

“There you go boy, enjoy cleaning daddy’s balls as well”.

His tongue extended further, tracing circles of warmth around my once again full balls.  He took them in his mouth as he could, tugging and sucking at them, driving me wild to once again unload.

With my cigar back in mouth, I used both gloved hands to take a hold of the back of his leather hooded head, and present the full length of my fully hard cock to his mouth.  This time it would not be a quick opportunity at the side of the road.

Guiding the cock head against his lips, the pepperpot eyes of the hood would have allowed him to see he was again about to be used by this fully uniformed cop who was his owner.  As I held his hooded head in place, my moist swollen cock head was enveloped by his warm moist mouth.  Every nerve was heightened as slid deeper into his mouth, and my cock pushed against his throat.  With my gloved hands, I gently pulled back again, before pushing harder and further into his throat.

I felt him gagging slightly, so pulled back and told him to catch his breath.  In truth, the gagging just turned me on more.

His warm throat was moist and he was good at taking orders.  Taking hold of the leather hood, I increased the speed of my thrusts going deeper and deeper each time.  His gag reflex would increase and then he’d relax into it once he took a breath, moistness covering his mouth and chin.  In his restrained state with me controlling his hood, there was nothing he could do but focus on serving.

Again the visual of my cock sliding balls deep inside his tightly leathered face and him pulling against the wrist restraints once again kicked in as a ploughed into his throat.  As I felt my climax I pulled him deeply onto my cock and felt my load fire out.  He choked; but I held fast.

“Gulp it down slave, take that daddy seed like the boy you are.”

I felt his throat contract rapidly as the hot seed was taken.

“Good. Now clean it off”

As my breathing returned to normal again, I pulled out enough for him to work his tongue round the head and harvest the precious liquid.  I released I was still in uniform and booted, and now sweating, and still had my cigar lit.

Dropping more ash into his mouth, I returned to a seated position.

“Other boot boy”.

Swallowing the ash, he without hesitation again dropped to the remaining boot and extended his tongue again.

Saturday, 26 September 2020

Ride Out - Locked In - Part 3

Unfastening the top of my jeans, I opened my leathers to reveal my own cock, straining against the jock I was wearing.  Without ordering, he leant forward and buried his nose in my crotch, taking deep breaths of my scent.  Extending his tongue, he started licking at my cock through the jock, working his tongue right up to the top which was now moist and sticky.  Extending his mouth round the head, he sucked it, and I leaned forward and pulled his skinhead harder onto my cock.  I could feel the moistness of his willing tongue through the holes in the fabric. 

Taking the waist band of my jock, I pulled it down to release my cock, the full eight inches sprang out. 

"Beg to service it" 

Looking up at me, with his tongue out, I held his head away.  I wanted him to beg for it, to tell me how much he wanted it sliding down his throat and to taste it. Certainly it wasn't going to be the first time he'd be tasting me, or find himself ridden if I had my way. 

"SIR please SIR let me feel your cum down my throat SIR”. 

Keeping hold of the back of his shaven head, I guided my cock into his mouth, and rammed it hard into his throat.  Expecting him to choke, he instead closed his lips round my shaft and took the full length.  Starting slow, I fucked his face, pulling his face onto the length of my manhood.  Taking it like a well trained boy, my moist cock looked hot sliding in and out, but I was in danger of firing down his throat sooner than I expected, so I pulled out to let his tongue clean off the head for a while. 

“Good lad.  But you’ve not earned your reward yet”. Pulling him by the collar, I brought him to his feet.  “Let’s give the boy his last gear choices eh, before his boss makes all the other decisions”.   Taking the leather straightjacket off the shelf, I laid it out next to him, and found the padlocks to the chest to wrist restraint.  Unlocking and unbuckling the chest strap, I let his wrists fall to his waist.  Then unbuckling each of the wrists, he was finally free from his restraints. 

“How’s that plug feel buried in that tight hole of yours boy?” 

“Feels good to be filled SIR” 

<whack>  I swung the whip again and connected with his ass. 

“You’ll learn boy, beginning and end, or punished.” 

“SIR yes SIR sorry SIR” 

“Some quiet time for you until you learn I think”  Of course, he was going to get that anyway, once he was in the hood he selected; but no harm in fucking with his head even more. 

“Both hands out in front of you boy at shoulder height.  Hope that cock of yours is nice and hard and frustrated inside your chastity.” 

His muscled chest and biceps looked especially good with his chain collar and metal chastity device.  It was going to look even better strapped up tightly.  Taking the mass of leather buckles and shaking it out in front of him, he extended each of his arms into the dark leather sleeves.  Pulling the jacket across his chest, I repositioned behind him, and started by fastening the wide leather strap of the collar around his neck.  I especially enjoy the ritual of getting a guy strapped up in a jacket.  One by one fastening and tightening the black leather straps around his body whilst he becomes more and more cocooned in tight inescapable leather, hugging him from every angle.  

So I enjoyed fastening the mid back strap, enclosing his muscles in the tight black leather, followed by the lower waist strap, and finally the shoulder strap.  The smell of warm leather smelled the air, and hot boy.  Reaching down between his legs, I took hold of one of the crotch straps, and put it through the buckle.  His beautiful bubble butt looked fantastic surrounded by the padlocked metal, and I could see the shining base of the plug which was invading his ass.  Pulling the strap tight, I knew it would give the plug deeper into his ass, and he let out a grunt satisfying me that was the case.  I took the other strap, and again, looped it through its buckle, and pulled it tight, pushing the plug deeper into his tight ass. 

“Last chance boy.  Turn back, or go ahead and cross your arms over your chest”. 

There wasn’t any hesitation.  The leather creaking, he crossed his hands over his chest.  Making sure that each wrist was looped under the side straps, I pulled both the leather straps attached to the sleeves, fed it through the buckle, and fastened him tightly into his new leather prison. 

Positioning against in front of him, I took the additional chest belt, and securely fastened it around his forearms, further securing the enclosure. 

Now how’s that feel boy?  Nice and secure?” 

“SIR yes SIR, SIR very hot SIR”. 

Once again, our lips met, our tongues exploring each other. 

“One last little detail, just for you though boy….” 

From another playroom shelf, I returned with another smaller item.  Lifting one of the tit flaps of the jacket, I took one of his tits.  With the existing ring hanging, it was already erect; obviously my new boy was still enjoying every second.  Squeezing on it, I played with it for a while before squeezing open the tit clamp and biting it down on his nipple.  He let out a loud groan, sounded like half surprise and half pain. 

“Too much boy? Too sensitive?” 

“SIR no SIR, SIR is my owner SIR” 

Opening the other flap, I snapped the other clamp into position.  This time there wasn’t even a murmur.  It was time for his punishment.  I wanted time to change into full leather uniform and boots, and I wanted him simmering on the edge, ready to beg for his ass to be opened when the plug was finally removed.   

“One more item boy and you have your punishment time”. 

The heavy hood came off the shelf again.  Presenting it in front of his face, I wanted to see the reaction and if was putting his ‘money where his mouth’ was. 

“Ready boy?” 

“SIR, nervous SIR” 

“Well, you’ll have to trust me to take care of you boy, or we can try something less heavy.  “ 

“SIR more heavy SIR” 

“Okay boy, I’m going to put this over your head, and lace it tighter and tighter.  You’ll smell leather, and sweat from previous boys who’ve been my prisoner.  Once on, I’ll fasten the straps, and you’ll lose all sense of space.  You’ll be able to grunt like the pig you are if you want me attention.  Then I’m going to padlock each buckle on the hood and down the straight jacket.  You’re my property and I’ll look after you if you panic.” 

A nervous but horny look in his eyes and a nod, and I pulled the heavy leather hood over his face.  Pulling it into position, I slowly laced each of the laces tighter to enclose his head, and once complete, pulled the zip down the back of the hood.  Patting him gently on the head, I checked if we was okay and received another nod.  Taking each of the three straps in turn, I first fastened the one round his jaw to the top of his head, then over the eyes, and finally around his mouth. 

With the hood shut, next, I applied padlocks to the three straps, through the zip and collar; trying to make as much noise as I could throughout to heighten the boy’s experience.  Next came additional padlocks on each of the straps on the straightjacket.  Safe and sound.  I wish I could have seen his cock inside the chastity. 

I lead him gently across the playroom, his lack of senses obviously limiting his movement.  Winching the hanging strap cage down, I removed it from its hook, and arranged it ready for him to step into. 

“Now boy, you’re going in my strap cage for a while.  However long I decide you need.  If you get uncomfortable, then work through it, as you’re padlocked in for as long as I say with that nice metal plug inside you and your cock in chastity”.  I was going to monitor him closely while I got on with other things, but I wanted to show him he was my property. 

Guiding him by the collar, I lead him over to the hanging strap cage, lowered it down on its winch, and then pulled the straps down.  Guiding him to step into the cage, his booted feet on the platform, I lifted the straps again, enclosing him inside the cage.  Turning on the handle on the winch, and his weight acting against the straps, the slack was taken up and the straps tightened around him.  It looked horny as hell as this jacketed and muscled stud was left hanging in inescapable bondage. 

I quietly ran my hands over the straps and traced the line of this beautiful plugged ass, and then tugged on the tit clamps a little, to which he moaned loudly inside the hood.  Quietly, I took an electrode, and pushed it into the plug filling his butt.  More moans from inside the hood, and further when I pushed in the second. 

Hooking up to my TENS box, I wondered how much he could take before he started to beg for release.  Starting low pulse low voltage, just enough to see the plug pulsating and electro fucking his hole, it must have done the trick, as he let out a low, deep growl.  I set myself down, and looked at my watch.  I’d give him an hour – if he lasted – and I’d ramp up the electro every five minutes.  I wanted him broken and relaxed before it was me inside his hole….