Friday 3 June 2022

Fiction: Muscles #2

With his hand on the back of my neck, he half pushed, half led me back outside his ‘gym’, and to the first door on the left. The smell hit me as I stepped over the threshold. It was unmistakeable – the pungent smell of rubber.

“Put on what I’ve laid out for you, then kneel; I’ll be back and you can warm up.”

With that, the door closed behind me, and I was alone.

Taking in my surroundings, the side room in the barn must have been at least 15 feet by 10, with racks down the left and right full of rubber kit. To my right was a high rail from which hung down what looked like various rubber full body suits, wetsuits, waders and boots lined the floor beneath them. To the left was a lower rack where I could see more waterproofs, harnesses of various sorts and straps, hoods and masks, and yet more boots. On top of the racks were open storage cupboards with more hoods. Some of the kit looked well used; muddy and worn – and other gleamed and were well looked after. The smell and sight of what I saw kept me horny, looking down noticing my hard on was oozing pre-cum.

In the middle of the room there was a plain bench, on which there appeared as mass of rubber. I guess this was my ‘training wear’. I lifted the rubber bundle – the rubber felt a substantial thickness; and opening it out it appeared to be a one piece rubber suit. Telling the inside from out was easy - as the outside was highly polished and gleaming. There were attached boots, and the arms ended in what looked like heavy rubber gauntlets. It appeared there was a partial rear entry zip, which lead up to the shoulder level, and then the suit tapered out to an open face hood which looked like it was designed to be pulled up over the head.

Working out how to best get into the suit, I decided that seated was the best way to go. Unzipping the rear entry zip it seemed to stretch right from crotch round the suit to almost the shoulders. Still naked, I wondered how easily it would be to get into the suit, but I actually had no problems in sliding both my legs down into the boots of the suit, which seemed a good fit. The boots were cold at first touch, but seemed a reasonable fit and were comfortable enough. Sliding and smoothing down the rubber up my legs, I pulled the torso up over my cock, balls and butt, and decided it was probably easiest to push my head through into the open face hood then put my arms into the sleeves like I was being put into a straightjacket. Warm up he’d said… I was already getting that way struggling to get into the skin tight suit. The neck of the suit snapped shut and I adjusted the hood to the right position.

I pushed my arm into the suitable hole, and with a bit of struggling, one hand pushed its way into the fingertips of the rubber gauntlet. Making sure the rubber was stretched across my chest, I pushed my other hand into the remaining arm hole. As I explored the hands in the suit a little more, try as I might, I wasn’t able to separate my fingers in the gloves. It struck me that even though I was able to see fingers from the outside of the suit, from the inside, they felt more like I had pushed both my hands into some kind of rigid fist mitts, as I could no longer feel sensation or manipulate anything with my hands.

I certainly wasn’t able to reach behind me to pull up the rest of the zip to the suit, no matter how hard I tried. Inside, I was warm and getting warmer, but could still feel the cool outside air across part of my back. I tried again with no luck, as there was just no way of gripping anything.

Completely stuck, there wasn’t much more I could do; so complied with my next instruction, and dropped to my knees.

I don’t know how long I waited. A few minutes perhaps. I was trying not to think of what Sir’s training was going to involve – nervous and excited at the same time. Trouble was, that just got me even hornier. I could feel my cock pushing against the tight front of the rubber suit, but the mitts of the suit meant I would only be able to rub myself at best.

I was brought back to reality by the sound of the heavy door opening and footsteps approaching.

Sir approached me from behind, but I kept facing forward.

“Thought you might have a problem with your zip if you were a good boy. Let me make sure you’re correctly dressed. Just a few finishing touches. Up.”

As I stood up, there were sounds of movement behind me. Next, I felt cold rubber encase my head, and my vision became limited.

“Open wide boy”

As the hood moved into position, something was pushing against my lips. Whatever it was, it felt large; and I couldn’t do anything but open wide and take it into my mouth. It was circular and stuffed my mouth open, but my tongue didn’t get the opportunity to explore it more before it was pushed into position by my boss. It extended into my mouth to the back of my tongue, pushing it down and there wasn’t going to be any way to talk with this in place.

I could feel straps or laces being tightened behind my head, I couldn’t tell which; all I knew is that it got tighter and the rubber pushed against my face, and the gag further into my throat. Sir tightened each lace or strap, and then when he was happy, I felt him fastening the hood’s collar around my neck, and the unmistakeable click of a padlock.

The hood had a few pepper pot eye holes, so I had some limited vision. It gave me the first opportunity to see my muscle boss since he’d left me in the room. Now he was wearing what appeared a full black leather uniform. I was only able to see his torso, which looked magnificent with his muscles inside the tight fitting black leather. I assumed the rest of the uniform was complete, but found that I didn’t have enough movement in my neck to look down to see what else he was wearing. If I didn’t find his presence intimidating and horny beforehand, this took it to an entire new level. I already wanted to spit shine every inch of his uniform… and more.

Next, I felt him run his rough hand down the back of my exposed back, and slowly unzip round my butt and my hard cock and balls were exposed. He pulled my nuts back, which only went to turn me on more, and my already hard cock felt like it was going to explode. Next, my nuts and cock felt like they were pushed through something cold and metallic and something felt like it was being put around my waist and buckle fastened tighter. Again, there was more cold, steel sensation on my cock, and what sounded like another click – whatever it was, my cock felt and sounded like it was locked up for his pleasure and not mine.

Moving round to my butt, I suddenly felt very exposed, and felt my hole being fingered and examined. Next, something very cold and wet was pushing to gain entry. Trying to relax, whatever it was felt substantial and very cold. He pushed as I relaxed, and felt like it was going to split me in two, before it finally went past its widest part and my hole snapped shut against the invading object. I’d had some large plugs inside me from past masters, but it felt like the shape of this was somehow different and larger.

With the plug in its final place, I felt a tickle between my ass and now locked up nuts, and the plug felt like it was being pushed on, and then something was being fastened behind my waist. Another click. Even if I couldn’t feel my fingers properly in the suit, it seemed my boss didn’t want me to play with myself for a while. I was getting used to the plug too – little did he know I’d been fantasising about him filling my hole after gym sessions.

The back zip was then finally slowly closed, and I was completely sealed in. I could already feel the sweat down my legs.

“Time to warm up boy”.

Taken by the collar, and with my limited vision, he pulled me back out of the room, and back into the ‘gym’ area. He indicated towards a stationary bike and told me to get on. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought, being unable to see that well, and enclosed in rubber. Sitting on the bike seemed to push the plug inside me even further; pushing against my prostrate and making me even harder again inside my metal and rubber prison.

Extending my arms onto the handlebars, I was just able to curl them round to form a grip. No sooner had I done so when Sir took a length of rubber strapping and wrapped it round my fist and the grip; forcing me to keep my hands gripping the bike. The hand was also suitably wrapped. I caught a glimpse that he was wearing padded leather jeans, with a codpiece on the front, and white stripe down the leg. Shining knee length leather boots completed his look.

Next, it felt like straps were being looped around my ankles and feet, again ensuring that I was securely fastened to the equipment.

“Fifteen minutes should be enough. Keep over 50rpm. Start pedalling”.

With a few adjustments to the bike’s front display, he programmed the time, and I started pedalling as told. Slowing increasing the pace, each revolution made the plug inside me twitch slightly, and I could feel the chastity device under the rubber suit pushing against my still raging hard on.

After the first few minutes, I felt the resistance increase on the pedals. It wasn’t unachievable, although did take me a while to acclimatise to the new effort. I seemed to be able to breath enough for the effort levels through the gag. Suddenly, I felt a pulse in my butt rising in intensity from mild to strong. It came as a surprise, and I let a moan out into the gag.

“Keep over 50rpm boy, one of my training methods”

Concentrating hard, I pushed hard against the pedals, again returning to over 50rpm. Now, the shocking reduced to a level which felt like I was being slowly fucked – a pleasant sensation even if I did wish it was “Muscles” who had me bent over and was forcing himself inside me.

I could look down enough to see the rpm and time left, and already I was almost 8 minutes through my warmup. Again, I maintained the pace for a while, before the resistance increased again. This time it seemed to have increased by a large amount, and with no option to stand in the pedals, it was hard work. Zap zap zap zap, once again, the intensity and pain levels increased in my ass, the electro firing. I moaned and grunted into the gag, feeling the sweat on my face and inside the suit. I got about a minute of shocks before I managed to his the pace again. I could see how his training methods were going to be effective.

The resistance didn’t get any higher and the minutes ticked up, as the sweat increased within my workout ‘uniform’. Before I knew any more, 15 minutes had passed, the resistance dropped, and the warm up was over. I caught my breath before whatever was coming next, and after a moment or two, the straps holding my feet in place were loosened, and the rubber straps over my fists released, and I was ordered of the bike.

“Good lad, now off the bike and over to the mirrors”.

Over next to the mirrors were sets of free weights and a set of barbells.

“Down on your knees.”

Compliant, I dropped to my knees, a foot or so from the mirror. I could see the boss go behind me looking for something, and then saw him return with a heavy metal rigid spreader bar for my ankles. As each was locked into place, it made me focus on my balance and tense my core muscles to avoid toppling over. Having selected an appropriate barbell, he stood in front of me, giving me a view of the full leathers. I wished I could have taken in the scent and taken care of the toe upwards, but the hood and gag made that impossible.

“Bicep curls, three sets twenty.”

Gripping the bar in the mitts of the suit wasn’t an issue, and I found the curls fairly easy this time round. I managed each set fairly quickly and I got a break between them where the boss reached down and stroked my head. He seemed pleased with my technique and strength levels, and other than the rigid cuffs, there were no needs for punishments this time round. Shame was I was starting to enjoy my ass being stimulated.

By this point, I could feel the heat inside the rubber suit, sweat running down my face and by now it must have been collecting in the suit. Sir was still standing in front of me, those full leathers were looking better and better to taste every second.

Next came side lateral shoulder raises with two dumbbells. The weights were perhaps a little heavier than normally would have picked, and by the end of the first twenty, fatigue was hitting quickly.

“30 seconds, do it again”. The plug again started twitching in my ass, a gentle, rhythmic thrust, pleasure stimulation rather than pain.

The second set was far harder. About twelve before I fatigued to the point I needed to catch my breath.

Wham, the voltage increased to the level of pain in my ass, I let out a moan into the gag keeping me quiet.

“Keep up the rest of the set boy”. I was starting to understand how this worked. But at the same time, I wanted to please this piece of beefcake in front of me, and not disappoint him. The last rep almost killed me, and I groaned into the gag, but the second set was over. Again, the pleasant stimulation returned. I wasn’t sure, but I was almost certain that my cock was still pushing against its metal chastity. I was desperate to jerk off, heightened by the constant stimulation of my hole; and to find out what was behind “Muscles” leathers. I had the impression that would happen before long, but I had no option in the matter.

The third set was steady and controlled, and surprisingly easy considering my struggles with the past set, and no change in weight. I did have to split them into two sets of ten, but I only paused for about ten seconds and there was no ‘encouragement’.

“You must be thirsty by now boy” came the voice from above. Ankles still in the metal spreader bar, my hands were finally free of weight, but working my arms and shoulders so hard meant they were trembling and sore. Despite the spit which was lubricating my gag-stuffed mouth, I needed more fluids.

The pepper pot holes in the hood were still restricting my vision, and now with the added sweat, I managed to see gloved hands unzipping the codpiece, and Sirs meat and bull balls drop free. Cut, thick and a seemed a good length even not fully hard although it was hard to evaluate in the hood.

Sir looked like he was adjusting himself, and putting something on, but I couldn’t see fully. There was pulling on the front of my hood and the gag seemed to move around, and then the realisation of the thirst comment hit me. I cried out and moaned into the gag as best as I could “no no no”, but to no avail. I cried out as by butt once again became painful, and I felt warm liquid hit the back of my throat.

With the gag rammed so far inside my mouth, and a thirst from hell, I took gulps of the hot boss piss. I guess this training was going to improve my skills in not only building in body. I wasn’t something I would normally do; but on this occasion, all I could do was describe it as honour to be serving him, and as the stream continued, I lifted my hands placed them on his fully leathered butt, and pulled him closer. I wanted to taste him even closer, but the gag wasn’t going to let me get anywhere near. I could feel my cock pushing against its bounds inside the chastity and rubber suit. If I’d have been able to touch it, I would have cum right then and there.

Draining every last drop, I must have pleased him, as again he softly patted the side of my hood. I don’t know why, but I had an urge to take his gloved fingers into my mouth and such on each one of them.

Returning behind me, he released my ankles from the spreader bar and left the rubber strap restraints locked around my ankles.

There was pressure to the back of my neck, and a click, and the collar of my hood was loosened, unlaced and in one motion, the gag pulled out my mouth and the hood lifted off. I blinked and breathed unrestricted air, and flashed Sir a quick smile. I wasn’t going to be punished again, even if I did enjoy every one I’d had so far. The codpiece was back on, but I wanted to explore what was beneath with my tongue.

“SIR Thank you SIR”

“Push ups down to my boots. Spit shine”

This didn’t worry me. Push ups I could do by the dozen, and spit shining every inch of his leathers was something I already wanted to do – more of a reward than a punishment.

Each rep, I flexed my biceps and chest down and my tongue made contact with his boot leather. I guessed they were some form of motorcycle cop boots, toecaps were smooth and then raised to almost his knees. I’d been wanting to taste them as soon as I’d been aware he was wearing them, and made sure I gave long tongue strokes from the tip upwards during each rep.

My form and ‘work’ must have met the requirements, as there were no punishments this time, and I completed all my sets with the sweat running down my face. After the sets were over, I kept up my work. The taste and smell was intoxicating. Every inch was gleaming with my spit when I was finished to my satisfaction.

I looked up for approval to notice Sir looking down at me, smile on his face, stroking his cock through the leather codpiece front of his jeans. I think it was the first time I’d really seen him smile.

“Last exercise before cool down – full sit ups. Tongue to leather”.

Again, Sir was busy getting something; and then I saw a full posture collar heading towards the neck of my suit. Fastened tight and padlocked shut, two more padlocks saw my wrists locked to the collar, and Sir moved to my ankles, and enclosed each in a rigid cuff about twelve inches wide.

Performing a full sit up in the position of hands and legs restrained certainly ensured correct posture. Focusing on squeezing my abs during the lift I soon got into a rhythm. Sir stood in front of me in his full leathers, and at the top of each movement, I slid my tongue over the leather I could reach, treating his leathers the same I way I had treated his boots.

I wondered how many others received his training.

Again, I didn’t find the three sets too difficult, even with the plug stuffed inside me. After the last repetition, I remaining sitting and moved specifically to the now zipped padded codpiece and the contents. Sir’s training was certainly effective on me, and considering this was the last exercise, I’d enjoyed every moment – even including the punishments.

Evidently, I think Sir was enjoying it too by the bulge in his codpiece and the hardness I could feel with my tongue through the leather. I don’t know there the leathers were from, but they tasted good, and I worked my tongue as hard as I could from the base to the tip, through the codpiece. Looking up at the bosses face for any reaction, I was pleased to see a nod to go on. He unlocked my wrists from my collar, and I immediately placed them across his butt to get more leverage. His ass cheeks were firm and taught, and I hoped at some point I’d get to serve between them.

I ran my tongue across every inch of the leather, breathing in the heady scent of hot boss inside tight leather, and enjoying the sound of my locked on rubber suit and the unique sound of creaking leather at every of boss’ movements. I was sure I could taste salt and musk from previous boys, which just added to my horniness. I must have doing a reasonable job, as I could feel Sir’s hardness through the padded leather codpiece. It created a U-shape and highlighted boss’ well-endowed crotch even better. Using my still fist mitted hands to add extra leverage, I pushed hard with my tongue at what felt like the base of Sir’s huge cock and then licked with all the pressure I was able to the tip of his head. While my arms and shoulders were tired from the physical training, every cell of me now wanted to serve him and swallow down his boss protein.

Still without the use of my hands, I managed to use my tongue to work the zip at the top of the codpiece into my mouth. With some manipulation, I pulled down and round the zip, and the codpiece fell away to reveal the bosses semi hardening cock and massive bull balls. Shaven hairless, it made him look even more massive, his cock head already moist and oozing a drop of pre cum.

Using my tongue, I licked around each of his huge nuts, before lapping across them and taking them into my mouth, his cock head pushing against the front of my forehead through the hood. Boss let out a low, deep groan of pleasure, so I gave hit nuts a good deal of attention.

The plug which was stuffing my ass started pulsing again – a reward perhaps?

His cock was now at full attention, veiny and the huge head ready for draining. I didn’t know if I could take the full length of it, but the urge to pleasure my boss was a powerful motivator. Starting at the base of the shaft, I worked my tongue up its length, and reaching the tip, I greedily licked off the sticky build up, enjoying the salty sex taste. Opening wide, I longed to swallow him down and thank him for his training. Slowly taking it in my mouth, I worked as much as I could manage into my throat, and pleasured him as much as I was able. His size filled me.

I could feel my own cock was rock hard inside the metal prison I was locked inside. Even trying to pleasure myself was pointless, he had complete control of my body and only with his permission was I going to cum – no matter how much I was desperate to.

Getting into a rhythm, I worked my tongue more as he half pulled away and then slammed his meat back into my throat, causing me to gag. Both of his hands went around the back of my head and forcibly pushed the entire length of his meat into my throat more. It was still clear he was in charge. Pulling me by the collar so I once again had the head exposed, I served every inch, before once again his cock rammed into my throat.

The thrusts became more forceful, with his hot inches sliding down my throat, hard as a rock, still pulling me by my collar. The plug was pulsating in my ass to the same beat, making me feel like there was a thrust inside me each time I pushed inside my throat. It was driving me crazy to feel him inside me, and making even more frustratingly horny.

With some final thrusts, his hardness reached its climax, and with a deep moan, the boss unloaded his seed into my willing mouth. His hot load hit the back of my throat, and it was all I could do to take every drop. There seemed to be gallons, and I tried to pull away; but my boss’ hands on my collar meant I was going nowhere, and it was clear that was part of my training session. I gulped every drop, and then cleaned his head, sucking out any remaining.

I received a pat on the head – evidently my training session had gone well.

“Good lad – very hot”.

I smiled inside the hood. My muscles were on fire, but I’d enjoyed every bit of the training, and especially the last section. I was still hard inside my chastity, but rubbing myself with the fist mitts on made no difference. Whatever chastity it was, I was powerless to cum myself.

“Boss is very happy with your performance. We need to get some protein inside you within the next few hours for recovery.” I wondered and hoped if that meant lean chicken, a protein shake, or more boss attention…

“So here’s the options. We call it a night for now, and we continue your training a different day. Or we train legs tomorrow morning and you serve me tonight and stay in my cell overnight. Drop your head for the latter or you beg me for release now”

There were no plans for this evening or tomorrow, and I was enjoying every minute of his presence. There really wasn’t any question. I dropped my head and looked at his boots.

The wedge gag was forced back into my mouth, and buckled and locked shut.

This was going to be a fun way to grow.