Friday 3 June 2022

Fiction: Officer Safety #2

Throwing back on my jock, along with my scuffed black leather public order training boots and kit bag on my back, I took hold of the makeshift leash I’d fashioned, and led him still gagged, double cuffed, hooded and wearing just a jock into the main area of the training building. Strange to be walking through the building in just a jock, cool air against my body, with a muscle bull on the end of my belt – when previously I’d just associated this particular location with tiredness and sweat. More so alone and the building quiet.

There was always something of a macho connection with the building – muscle, sweat, control, restraint and uniforms. Hundreds of officers before had been through the building, finding themselves prone with colleagues wrestling on the mats, wrists restrained, sweating and muscles tired. Firearms officers had been made here and disappointment and frustration experienced. The smell of the place even made me horny.

Thoughts running through my head and the current situation grounded me back to reality – my erect meat swollen against the black BIKE jock I was wearing. It wasn’t helped by the sight of the boy that was on the end of my belt. Dutifully walking behind me, he was plainly equally turned on, with his moist cock head erect and straining against the waistband of his own white jock. The thick muscles in his thighs flexing at each step, his steps tentative with his sight being restricted; I yanked on the belt and brought him to walk in front of me.

Having this bull in front of me, it exposed the tight round butt cheeks framed by the straps of the jock. Each step was like seeing poetry in motion. I could have watched the muscles flex for hours before abusing it in every way I could imagine. My cock twitched at the thought of experiencing its delights. It was no wonder I’d been admiring it so much earlier. I moved him into the gym area.

The 'gym' was really an enclosed space within the building protected from the rest of the facility where most of the close contact physical work was done. The walls and floor were covered in large foam matting to three sides to offer some protection at least whilst practising take downs, cuffing, and cell extractions. Each wall was around nine feet high, but didn't extend to the roof of the building, so the sound echoed around from activities outside to in, and likewise inside to the wider building.

There was plenty of equipment here too – endless amounts of metal handcuffs, disposable cuffs, leg restraints, boxing kit, punch bags, batons, pads, body armour and mannequins for 'target zone' practice.

"Down, on your knees"

I brought my black leather boot down to the back of his knee, and his legs buckled, forcing him down onto his knees. Looking down he was still clearly turned on, and reaching down I started exploring his delts, and across his pecs. The chest was everything it should be, wide shoulders and good muscle definition, tapering down to a narrow waist and fantastic abs. The lack of body hair just highlighted the muscle definition more – even if my preference is a boy with natural body hair unless I decide to shave it.

Exploring further, I located one nipple, and rubbed the length of my fingers across it. There was an instant reaction – a low, deep sound came from his throat – half groan – half growl – and unmistakably pure pleasure. It was going to be enjoyable to torture this muscle bull's reactive tits. Taking it between my fingers, I paid it some attention, squeezing, stroking, twisting, and increasing the pressure all the time. I was pleased to hear the moaning continued and increased, and the tit became erect. These were obviously hard wired directly to the bull's cock, which was clearly now being confined by the jock. There didn't seem to be any limit to the amount of abuse I could give it, and there was no pulling away. Similarly, moving to the other side of his chest produced the same pleasing reactions.

I unclipped my riot helmet and released his head from its confines, and pulled off the balaclava to again free this handsome musclemeat's features. My uniform socks were still knotted and stuffing his mouth. I'd tied them tight, and they would have been further held in place by the helmet. Again, I wanted to abuse that mouth. Untying from the back of his head, the makeshift gag fell to the floor, leaving obvious red marks round his cheeks.

"SIR thank you SIR" was the response. I stroked his cheek and again ran my fingers along his lips. He licked my fingers like an obedient dog with his master.

My collar still around his neck, I grabbed my cuff keys and released his wrists from behind his back. From the side of the gym I picked up a heavy pair of boxing gloves, and he willingly presented me with his hand. I pulled the black leather glove over his hand – improvised fist mitts – and then laced the glove up tightly and fastened the Velcro. Similarly his other hand was restrained. It struck me how good this boy would also look in full boxing gear, head guard, groin guard, muscle butt inside trunks, and gum shield to keep him quiet. Or indeed in full leather... even the jock he was wearing was keeping me horny.

"Bosses boots need a spit shining boy.."

The muscle bull dropped to all fours and his face went straight towards my black leather riot kit boots. Not the highest of boots; only 10 hole lace ups, but a good balance between comfort and practicality – fairly easy to run in and capable of being polished to a high shine. I saw him hesitate and take in the scent – boot polish mixed with petrol, leather and sweat. Then the tongue extended and made contact with the toecap of the boot. First a short lick, then taking in long, sweeping mouthfuls of the leather from left to right. Someone had trained him as a good boot boy. Next, the toe up to the laces and the top of the ankle. I was pleased to be able to feel the pressure exerted by his tongue through the leather.

Reaching to get my hands around my own swollen cock head, I kept the jock on but released my cock and balls from their confines. Seeing this hot muscle slave working every inch of my boots with his tight butt framed by the jock was a hot scene. My meat was swollen to it's maximum, and now leaking more precum again. Damn, this boy had what it took. Jerking off whilst I felt that tongue was almost too much again to hold back. His tongue even headed for the boot sole, and started work there too.

Fuck, this had to slow down or else I would be shooting my load all over his wide back in no time.

He looked up after working the one boot for what seemed like ten minutes. By this point the boot was impressively gleaming again with his spit. It was a beautiful look of a submissive boy who just wanted to please, and wanted validation.

I spat back down across his face to maximise the humiliation, and ordered him to the other boot.

Boot service on the other boot was equally as good. Before long the boot was again soaked and shined, and I the pressure of his tongue was only more of a turn on. He'd done a good job of my boots, and I was pleased with his willingness and the result. My jock now completely removed and just in my boots, my cock was now throbbing and extended to its full size, with a leaking drop of precum now built up on the head. Wiping this with my finger, I fed it into his willing mouth and it was received gratefully.

Still bent over on all fours and 'fist mitted', the two perfectly formed mounds of his butt cheeks were too much to resist any longer.

Kneeling myself, I squeezed the two cheeks together, then separated them to reveal a perfect puckered boy hole all ready for abuse. Leaning forward, I brought my face close to the prize and could see a big pair of bull balls and thick cock still confined by the jock. In one movement, I yanked the waistband down to free everything this boy had to offer. The low hangers fell free and the thick cock meat hung free pointing towards the matting.

Starting with my tongue at his lower back, I traced a line right between those muscular pieces of beefcake, quickly running it over his puckered clean asshole, and down to the base of his balls. Again, a deep guttural pleasure noise came from deep in the boy's throat. Working back again, I stopped over his hole, and took a long taste of the masculine goodness. Tracing circles round the sensitive area, I made sure I tantalised the area before heading any further.

With one hand I reached round his legs and took a hold of his cock, and my own with the other. Further licking and circling, his cock felt like it was ready to explode any minute, as did my own – but I knew where it was heading next. Plunging my tongue hard against his hole, I extended and pushed against the opening as deep as I was able. The taste was exquisite, and I wanted it wet, relaxed and lubed up.

Jerking his cock with one hand and using my tongue, the groaning continued and he sat back into my mouth. This stud undoubtedly liked having his ass eaten too – and hopefully would be a good bull to be ridden. I didn't want him to have the pleasure of emptying his balls just yet, so backed off his cock and little and kept eating his tight asshole. It was the best meal I'd had all month, that was for sure.

With the hole lubed by my spit, I brought my fingers to the entrance and teased further. Separating the cheeks wide gave me even deeper access. Pushing one finger against it, it met resistance before it slid right inside. Tight. Muscular. Fuckable. The well lubed hole opened up to two fingers, and the boy pulled his head back and moaned. It was fortunate the building was empty, as I could hear the sound echoing. My fingers sliding in and out of his hole, and him backing onto my attentions, I couldn't resist this perfect man hole any longer.

My wallet and ID in my kit bag meant I was prepared for the occasion, and smoothing a condom onto my thick cock, I again spat and lubed up his hole ready for my invasion.

Rubbing my cock head up and down the cleft between his cheeks, I located his hole and pushed my head against the muscle. Seeing my cock pushing inside this muscle ass was a sight to behold, and made my meat pulse even harder. I pushed harder and the tip passed his outer rim and against his sphincter. Another thrust and the muscle let me inside, and the muscle bull moaned with increasing volume.

"Good boy, take the bosses big cock inside that tight muscle butt"

Oh fuck.

Riding that tight muscle butt was like every one of my thrusts was squeezing my cock inside his hole. It was the ultimate ride I'd imagined it would be.

Aggressive, rampant, hot man sex. We were both sweating again for other reasons than self defence.

I pulled almost entirely out and pushed myself in right up to my balls.

Bending over him whilst my cock repeatedly disappeared inside that hot hole, I took a hold of one of his tits and squeezed.

"Fucccckkkkkkkkkkkk boss......"

Both of us turned on by this muscle ride, I couldn't hold off much longer. Returning to a kneeling position, I again took his cock in my hand and worked its length whilst I rode this steer. The tight holding of my cock inside him and the stud's moist cock had me right on the edge, and I felt him getting close also. Perhaps I would milk this bull after all.

I could hold back no more.

My balls tightened, and with an explosion that seemed to fire every nerve in my body, I groaned and fired my seed into him. I think it was one of the most powerful times I'd cum ever – he was certainly turning on all my switches with his attitude and body.

As an added bonus, my load pumping into him must have sent him over the edge also, and a second or two after unloading my juices, he bellowed as his own load shot from his pumping cock and spurted across the gym floor mats.

Both collapsing on top of each other, my cock was still deep inside his hole... and it still felt fantastic to be clamped there. I could feel the sweat between our two bodies, and smell the musky scent of man to man sex.

I continued to lie on top of him until our breathing returned to normal, and my cock returned to normal and slid out his muscle hole.

"Clean up your mess boy" I stood.

Still disabled in his improvised leather fist mitts, he traced where his own creamy jizz had fired, and licked every last drop from the mats..

… and we hadn't even used the cell yet....