Friday 3 June 2022

Fiction: Ride Out, Locked In #2

I was pleased to see he didn’t need telling twice. Bending over in front of me, he started unbuckling his SIDI boots, and removed each in turn. He was still warm from the struggling in the restraint belt, and the heady smell of leather was filling the air. I was also enjoying watching his boy being reduced from skinhead leather biker into my piece of play meat for the day. Next came the unzipping of the calves, and the chest zip. I was enjoying the view when he was bent over, and was looking forward to filling his hole with my cock and a plug.

Once the zips were fully open, the tight black leather suit dropped from around his chest, revealing his shirtless and tanned barrel chest, with defined pecs, a covering of fur and even more surprisingly, two pierced tits. Stepping forward, I grabbed them both and started playing with them, squeezing twisting and pinching to see the reaction. He didn’t flinch away, even when I really applied the pressure.

“You like you tits being played with boy?”


“… and the rest, show me that ass….”

Balancing, he wriggled down the rest of the tight leathers, and stepped out of each leg in turn. A pair of black lycra fitted boxer short trunks were revealed, and two strong and well-muscled legs. With the leather suit finally off it was clear the boy was already enjoying the scene, with a large hard on bulge from the front of his shorts. Dropping his final item of clothing, his cock sprung from its confines to reveal a mass of black hair, and a good wide seven inches, uncut with his cockhead already swollen.

“Hands behind your head boy”. Compliant, he spread his hands on the back of his head like he was being arrested, which made my own cock even harder inside my leathers. Taking hold of his low hanging balls, I rolled them between my fingers, squeezing them just enough to let him know who was boss. Moving up to his erect cock, I closed my fist around it and pumped it a little. Spitting on my hand, I moved my fingers to the tip and gave him some more stimulation. I was happy to see a big glob of pre-cum forming which I wiped off with my finger.

“Open mouth boy and clean this off”.

Hungrily he sucked on my finger and licked off the sticky juice.

“Now on your knees and tell me why I should train you as my boy?”

Without hesitation this naked skinhead muscle boy dropped to his knees on the concrete floor in my playroom and bowed his head in front of me. His tanned and wide shoulders looked fantastic in front of me with his hands still on the back of his head and his cock hard in front of him.

“SIR I have long admired your body and mind and wondered how I might approach you. I want to be owned completely and utterly and have no rights of my own, and be used as your sex gimp, and serve only your needs in every way. I am single with no family, and give myself to you to own.”

I’d had no inkling about this previously, but this attitude was like sweet music to my ears. My cock was getting uncomfortable in the confines of my tight black leather pants. I wanted to feel his tongue licking the pre-cum I could feel moistening my cock head before I rammed my cock down his throat. I’d already decided to use an open mouth gag to train him to take it if he wasn’t used to my own wide eight inches. In time he’d also learn to drink anything which I fed him. But for now, I wanted him frustrated, and broken – rebuilt to my own standards. He’d wanted to try on some kit; and he was going to… all of it given time.

“From his moment on, consider yourself my property. I will own you and be in control of your life. This will be a week trial to begin with, with a view to either party walking away at the end. Otherwise from that point on I will become your permanent owner, boss, master, partner, depending on the situation. In private, or when otherwise told, you will refer to me as SIR. Everything you utter will start and end with SIR to show your respect. You will continue social activities and friends, as well as training more in the gym so your body is the standard I require. But in the domestic environment you will exist to serve. I will use any part of your body I wish and abuse it as I see fit. There will be no permanent harm, but from this point, you will never cum or play with yourself again unless I permit it. You will sleep where I see fit. In this cell, cage, or with me once you earn that right. If you digress you will be punished. If you’re uncomfortable with any part of these terms, then speak up now, otherwise, give me your consent and acceptance of ownership”

I wanted to see how serious the boy was at being owned property, or if it would scare him away. His head still bowed, I could see his cock remained rock hard; in fact, I thought it looked even harder with my little ‘speech’. A sticky strand of pre-cum was now dripping down onto the concrete floor. Nice. Rather than shying away, he lifted his handsome face up towards me, and responded.

“SIR, I accept all ownership terms SIR. SIR I live to serve you and look forward to a week’s time to make this permanent SIR”

There was that look again, handsome square jawed skinhead with submissive eyes on his knees in front of me, fully offered. Again, I was so fucking horny I wanted to take my cock out then and there and face fuck him until my load hit the back of his throat. But it was time to start his training.

“Eyes at the floor boy, and keep your hands on the back of your head”

I took a number of items from cabinets and shelves in the playroom, keeping an eye on him. An 18 inch metal chain from one of my storage cabinets and small ‘Master’ padlock, pair of black leather high leg combat boots which were in need of polishing, and a chest to wrist restraint; then returned to standing in front of him.

“You will wear a collar and padlock at all times unless I specify otherwise to remind you that you are owned, and show others that you are owned. At the gym you will wear vests to show off your body and ownership chain. You can tell workout colleagues it’s a sign of ownership. Take this chain now and fasten it around your neck with this padlock. “

Dutifully, he circled the chain around his neck, and quickly snapped the padlock shut. There wasn’t any hesitation and the head never raised.

“Now put on these combat boots and stand up with your hands behind your head again.”

Adjusting his kneeling position to a sitting position, his erect cock pointing out in front of him, he took the black leather boots, and put them on, lacing them up tight, then stood up and returned his hands to the backs of his head. This was good position for him, as it showed off his pecs and biceps, and I liked the way it also exposed his tits.

I wrapped the black leather restraint around his chest, fastening the buckle at the rear tightly, and clipping the padlock in place. Next, I took each of his arms in turn, and extending them, fastened the strap round his ample biceps before padlocking it in place, and then bending his arm to fasten his wrist in the buckle across his chest. After fastening each arm and wrist in place, he was now completely immobilised but fairly comfortable.

“Test the restraint boy”.

Realising the futility of his situation, he flexed his biceps and pulled against the wrist restraints to no avail. I also liked to check I’d fastened them tight enough that he was secure and wasn’t going anywhere.

“And as you requested earlier….. “ I took the Carerra chastity belt down from the shelf, complete with large metal butt plug. “This will never fit at present boy. If you’re cock isn’t soft again in three minutes, then I will take a leather whip to your ass. Perhaps this will help you too”. Taking one of the unopened cans of drink from earlier, I pushed it into his cock and balls, making him jump.

The cold liquid had the desired effect, and in a few moments his cock was flaccid again. Dripping a few drops of lube into my hand, I coated his cock and balls and slipped them through the front plate, and fed his cock into the cock tube of the belt. Fastening the metal around his waist, it seemed almost like the belt was made for him. During his he looked down to which I planted a slap across his ass cheeks, taking him by surprise. “Eyes front boy”. Closing the front of the belt, I fitted the padlocked and click, he cock belonged to me no matter how hard he got.

I took the lube, and spread some across the metal plug. “Now I’m gonna ram this big metal plug straight up your ass, and I want to hear you moan as it stretches open that tight hard hole of yours. Speak.”

“SIR thank you SIR”

I took some lube and spread it around his asshole, and inserted my lubed up finger. His ass was tight, and he moaned as my finger went up. After spreading the lube up inside him, I positioned the tip of the plug against his ass, and started applying pressure. Slow at first, the plug started disappearing into his tight hole; it was a beautiful sight to see. Further and further the plug disappeared, and the louder and louder his moans got. They didn’t sound exactly painful, but this cold metal invader was certainly a challenge for him. Finally the widest part of the plug pushed against his sphincter, and with a final push and a load moan, the plug disappeared inside him fully and his sphincter snapped shut around it. I fastened the remaining metal plate at the top of his ass cheeks, and snapped the padlock into place.

Collared, restrained, and now locked in inescapable metal chastity, my new property looked hot as hell. The metal of the chastity enclosed his cock and balls, and judging by what had come before, his cock would now be in some discomfort locked away in its metal prison. The padlocked metal followed the contours of his butt perfectly and seemed to compliment it, with the large invader an additional reminder of his ownership. I ran my hand down the metal between his butt cheeks, and gave a few pushes on the plug. He half whimpered, and half moaned, which was the desired effect.

I wanted this first training to be intense for him, to mind fuck with him a little, and also to see what his limits were. So far, I hadn’t found any, and he was more of a sex pig than I’d thought. If I ever did let him cum, I wanted him to be so hot with desire that he would beg to be allowed to play with himself and gain relief. I wanted him so broken that he would do anything as my slave to pleasure me. Of course, what he didn’t know was that the plug was also ready to be plugged into my electro box. But that could wait...

With him now in the position I wanted him in, I slid two knee pads around his knees. In truth they were black painters knee protectors from a hardware store; but they did the job during dog training scenes or when boys were on their knees for other reasons.

“Now back down on your knees and spit shine every inch of my boots and leathers, bootboy.”

“SIR yes SIR”

With his hands and arms restrained, he was off balance but managed to get down to his knees and bent forward to my boots. The tongue extended and he started on one boot. This muscle stud plugged chastised and tied at my boots once again had my cock rock hard and I could feel the oozing pre-cum. Stroking my meat through the tight leathers, I wanted to edge myself until I was ready to use his mouth.

“Long slow tongue strokes boy” as I took a light leather whip from my back pocket, swung it and connected with his ass. A few strokes of encouragement, but he didn’t yelp or ask me to stop. Another test passed. It seemed to encourage him on, as I swear from that point on, I could feel the pressure of his tongue on my toes.

Working one boot, followed by the other, he started licking every inch of my leather pants, and getting right inside the padded details of them. This boy was definitely a leather fan, and going to be good with his mouth. Moving up my thighs, I straddled his face and presented by leather covered ass for the same tongue treatment. Part humiliation, part anticipation, I love a boy to work every inch, every seem between the back of my belt line and my crotch.

I was certainly pleased with his performance, as every inch of my boots and leathers were now soaked with his spit. Finally ending up at my crotch, I could feel the strokes of his tongue, working from the base of my shaft to the tip through the leather.

“Open those leathers boy, with your teeth, and take it…..”

His mouth moved to the top of my leathers, and taking the zip in his teeth, he slowly pulled it down….