Friday 3 June 2022

Fiction: Workie #2 - Conquer and Transport

The rest of that work day passed slowly, and truthfully, I was excited to know if the boy I now had locked in my metal chastity cage and collared was going to turn into anything. It was after seven when I slid back into my leathers and headed home. After a quick bite, I fired up my computer, and logged into Recon to see if the boy had done as ordered. There it was, a message sent 18:02 that night.  Keen.

"Sir, happy to be locked and contacting as ordered Sir".

"Be in Recon chat Masters and Slaves at 21:30". I hit send, another test of obedience for him.

I idly logged into Recon by 21:00, and caught up with a few online friends. It seemed especially busy online that night, with the normal time wasters. At 2130 on the dot, a private message appeared in Masters and Slaves as ordered. "Permission to speak Sir". Nice approach.

Opening a private chat, the boy activated his webcam, shirtless, padlocked in the collar I’d locked earlier, I wanted to check he was still chastised.

"Stand up boy, show me you're locked".

He stood up from his chair, and was in the same NYPD jock he was wearing earlier. He pulled down the front of the jock, showing the glint of my padlocked chastity cage, securely locked in place. He looked partially hard already, his cock pushing against the holes in the cage.

"Very good boy; now tell me about what you're looking for from a boss". I always like to explore fantasies and interests, to ensure any playscene will work.

“Sir, been looking for an owner for a while Sir. Couldn’t keep my eyes off you in your leathers from when you started. Someone to treat me like the boy I am, use me whenever they want for their purposes. Be a good slave to a strong leather master.”

This boy was sounding better all the time; as was my hard on growing inside the nylon running shorts I’d thrown on after changing out of my bike leathers at the thought of using my new property.

“So how much of yourself would you prepared to give boy?” was my response.

“Sir, you’d own my mind and body Sir, so long as it was safe.”

My hard on was leaking precum, and it was seeping through my shorts. I only wished my new boy was handcuffed on the floor between my legs to take care of it was his tongue.... but hopefully soon enough...

We private messaged for a further 45 minutes, discussing his experiences and what we were both looking for in any form of relationship; and everything seemed to match. His likes matched my own, to be kept under permanent control, heavy bondage, his holes fucked; have his life controlled. As I’d wondered, turned out he was an ex-marine; so at least should do discipline and drill well. That would definitely be a uniform he’d wear again soon. He’d had an ex-master who’d moved away, leaving him a yearning to be owned again. He let slip about a number of his fantasies involving kidnap, rape and incarceration. I was more or less positive I could assist him with a number of them. It seemed he was also a gearhead, with a collection of kit of his own. From full leather uniforms to bike leathers, neoprene and rubber, firefighter and also workwear.

The conversation moved to availability for a play session.

“So boy, when would you be available to start your training, and see how we get on?”

“Sir, am off this weekend, including the company holiday on Monday, after 6pm tomorrow night”

“Then 6pm tomorrow boy, you can leave your ride at work and come home with me. Perhaps 24h to commence, depending how we get on”. Whether you’re a master or slave, sometimes you physically and emotionally click with someone, but upon meeting the sex just doesn’t work.

“Sir, very happy Sir. Should I bring anything Sir?”

I considered his and my own fantasies, and started considering plans.... “Full fire kit boy, and your workwear. Will look out for you next to your 4x4” I’d already spotted what he drove.

“My favourite Sir!  Thank you Sir!”. The meeting was set.

The next day was Friday; I left the bike behind, and packed a few items in the car ready for that evening. The day dragged; I was excited – and horny as fuck. I got a glance of my boy twice during the day, once leaving the break room by himself, he bowed his head and said “Sir”. The second time from the rear, his tight ass cheeks walking away; soon to be mine.

Eventually, it was 6pm, and raining outside. Still suited and booted in my dark business suit and tie, I headed out the building only to be stopped by a colleague. After five minutes, I managed to shrug her off and walk out the rear door. He was standing where ordered, in his work boots, tight green workwear, and worn hi-visibility jacket, with a large sports bag.  There was no-one else to be seen.

I nodded and smiled at him, and motioned for him to come with me. He nodded back and followed me to my car. I unlocked the central locking, and ordered him “bag in the back seat boy, you in the front passenger”.

“Sir, yes Sir” he barked back, opened the door, put his kit bag on the back seat, and sat in the front as I got in the driver’s side and closed the door. At least inside it was warm and dry, and he’d passed all the tests to this point.

“So boy, this is your last chance to back out, no questions asked”.

“Sir, no Sir, your property now Sir”.

My cock was straining to be released from the confines of my suit, and I considered forcing my new boy’s face down onto my crotch to take it into his throat; but the office car park was hardly an appropriate place, much as I wanted to. I reached down into my passenger door pocket lifted out a pair of handcuffs, and closed the bar through the ratchet a few times (doesn’t that sound just make you hard?). He lifted both wrists and presented them to me, to which I fastened one cuff around his wrist, and then the other.

I reached over to the passenger side, and slightly unzipped his hi-vis jacket, reaching inside to explore his chest, and taking hold of one of his tits. I squeezed, pinched and played, and told him

“From this point, you are my property to do with what I want, or use in any way I want. There will likely be punishments but no permanent damage, but everything will be safe, and you are under my protection. When given permission to speak, every sentence should begin and end with Sir, and I will respect, but push your limits”.


I took him by the back of the neck and forcefully pulled him towards my face, and planted my lips on his. I explored his mouth with my tongue, and he kissed back, passionately. I pulled away whilst mid kiss just when he seemed to be enjoying most – I wanted him kept simmering on the edge.

I turned the key, the engine fired into life, and we made off towards our weekend.

After about fifteen minutes, the journey home opens to fairly quiet country roads, which I know well. I pulled over, walked round to the passenger side, opened the door, and taking hold of the chain still locked around his neck, ordered the boy out. It was time to start working on his fantasies, and make him hornier still. “On your knees behind the car boy, facing the roadway and eyes down”. He looked dazed and confused, but assumed the position behind the car, bowing his head.

Out of his view, I opened the rear of my car, and took the roll of duck tape, and tore off a long strip. I took the tape, and gagged my new boy with it, wrapping it well so there was no escape. He suddenly understood the scenario unfolding, right as I slipped my leather bag hood over his face. It’s a great hood; cuts out every bit of light for a boy, and is heavy enough to give the wearer a full heady smell of leather; but not too restricting. Oh, and did I mention, it has a great wide collar to fasten, and locks? It’s an ideal long wear hood also (or for a 45 min drive home for example).

I pulled the collar tight looped it through the buckle, reached in my pocket, and snapped the padlock shut. The boy was now permanently locked in the hood until I decided otherwise, and unable to do anything other than moan.

I pulled the boy to his feet, and unlocked the handcuffs, freeing his hands. But it wasn’t for long, as next, I took my Fetters heavy leather fist mitts, and pulled one on each of his hands. In case you’re not familiar, these are black leather mittens, which pull over the entire hand, preventing complete use of the fingers. Mine have extra paddling, and straps around the wrists which once again fasten with a padlock.

Fastening the wrist straps, I added a padlock to each. Now the boy could ‘speak no evil’ or ‘feel no evil’... it was certainly going to prevent him from touching himself during the ride home (even in his current padlocked chastity), especially with my next intentions.

I took my prisoner escort belt from the back (it’s a long leather belt, used for prison escorts, which fastens around the waist, and has an attached welded D-ring and cuffs. It limits the movement of any prisoner, and prevents potential strangulation of a corrections officer by the prisoner’s handcuffs; but also a great bondage device), and fastened it around his waist, and snapped the cuffs shut behind his back through the fist mitts.

“Lean further forward boy”. As he leaned forward, I lifted him bodily into the back of my car. This ‘kidnap’ was going to be as authentic as I would make it. As a final step to my kidnap victim, I took my “Master” bike lock cuffs (designed for bikes, but work great around boots and are definitely heavy bondage), and applied them around his boots, clicking the locks shut.

There was definitely no turning back for my new boy now, here he was, gagged, hooded, mitted and restrained, unable to talk, for transport. He was comfortable enough whilst being completely under my control, and I reached down and traced the tight cheeks of his butt with my fingers. I wanted to check I was on the right track, so squeezed and cupped the front of his tight green workwear pants with my hand.

I took his zip, and slowly pulled it down, to reveal his jock. Pulling that down, his cock, encased in its padlocked metal prison was oozing precum. As he was essentially hogtied, and unable to play with himself, I took the key and unlocked his chastity device, releasing him and letting his meat swell to its full length. His foreskin rolled straight back, and I was pleased to see it steadily oozing precum.

Squeezing him back into his jock, I pulled up the zip again and gave his cock a few slaps for good measure. I heard him moan into his gag, and struggle into his restraints. This boy would have to work a whole lot before he’d be cuming again.

Happy he was horny, and as comfortable as expected, I closed the trunk of my car, and returned to the drivers side. Getting in, and with a smile on my face, I turned the ignition, and set off again for the playroom. It was going to be a fun weekend.