Friday 3 June 2022

Fiction: Workie #3 - Initial Incarceration

The journey home was especially slow today – or it seemed so due to my excitement of my new property. The new boy was still restrained in the rear trunk of my car, unable to speak, see, feel, play with himself (the sadist in me always thinks a boy unable to play with himself focuses the mind), or do much other than struggle. Finally, I was home; and after stopping the car, I opened the rear, and checked on his welfare.

Groping his crotch with one hand, and twisting his tit with another, he was still rock hard; the ‘kidnap’ thing was obviously working well for him. I teased his now un-chastised cock with my fingers, jerking off its full length. I didn’t want this boy anywhere near shooting his load yet, far from it – he was going to have to work for it – but I did want him to be teased into enough of a horny frustrated frenzy that he would struggle against his restraints for release and focus on serving me.

I pumped his cock for a while, now rock hard and straining against his shiny workwear – tight bubble butt cheeks and bulging crotch. I enjoyed seeing a wet spot of precum which had soaked through. My new bull let out a moan into his tape gag, sounding like he was already desperate for release; which was going to be a long long way off.

I manoeuvred him bodily into a semi-sitting position in the trunk of my car, before pulling his still legcuffed feet forward to the low gate rear and ordered “feet down boy”, Tentatively he stepped down until his chained ankles were on the floor, and stood straight. Hands still cuffed behind his back in the prisoner escort belt and his head still padlocked in the leather bag hood, I closed the trunk, and ordered him to walk forwards. Standing behind him, he tentatively began marching forwards, only to be reminded of his restraint, and how he was ‘hobbled’. The sight of his tight butt cheeks, restrained hands and fist mitts and bag hood was enough to make my suit uncomfortable, straining for some release inside his new boy’s throat or butt.

I guided him towards my main outbuilding - the barn, swung the door open, and pushed him inside. In addition to storing my car and bike inside on the ground level, at one side was a matted and padded area I used as my gym. It also had the advantage of a number of metal rings embedded in the walls, ceiling and floor. I pulled him by the collar to this area, and ordered he kneel, with a corresponding tap to the back of his legs.

Now kneeling on the soft mats, I reached down and unlocked the collar on his hood, loosening the collar and lifting it up over his head. Blinking with the hard strip lighting hitting his eyes, I also took hold of my improvised gag, and peeled it from his face. “Alright boy?”

“Sir! Yes Sir! Thank you sir!”.

From one of the play tool chests, I took a heavy (I mean about 1.5 inch thick) metal collar, attached to a metre of chain, and returned to the mats. Taking a heavy padlock and snapping the chain to it against the wall, I went towards him and closed the collar around his neck. The look in his eyes said he was enjoying himself. I took the biggest padlock I had, put it through the collar, and snapped it shut.

I reached back to the tool chest, and took out a large leather stuffer gag, approached the boy from behind, and quickly pressed the gag against his lips. It must have taken him by surprise, and he clamped his lips shut. With my other hand, I covered his eyes and nose, cutting off his air supply, and soon his mouth opened enough for me to ram the gag home to fill his mouth completely, and buckle it tightly closed. Another padlock in place, and for now, the boy was pacified again.

This boy said he wanted to be owned property, so leaving him to think, I turned, walked out the barn, and snapped the lights off, leaving my new horny boy still unable to play with himself, restrained, lying until I wanted him. This boy said he liked mind fucks, what better than being left in a dark empty room, restrained, horny, not knowing how long he was going to be left there, or what was going to happen to him next.

I returned to my house, finally got out my suit, and took a shower to remove the dirt of the day. I knew this boy was a gearhead, so the next decision was what to wear. It had stopped raining, and the playroom would likely be fairly cool that night. Considering this boy’s past, and what he might be used to, I settled on green military jock, combat trousers, combat jacket, and army boots.

Like the restrained boy in the barn, I was already oozing precum, it might have been all too tempting to take care of that before I put a single item of uniform on, but I wanted my new boy to be sucking every last drop instead.

It had been over an hour since I’d locked the boy in the barn – plenty of time for his own mind to be disorientated, heightened, and hopefully, still horny considering how he was going to be used. When I turned the light on in the barn, he was lying on his side, and before he’d had a chance to turn and see me, I’d pulled a sackcloth hood down over his face. It allows boys to see only small distorted images of their surroundings, great for fucking with a guy’s head. I unlocked the collar from the wall, and helping him to his feet, it was time for his sentence to be served.

I pulled on the heavy chain attached to the collar, and we descended into the cooler underground dungeon.

Positioning him in the middle of the playroom, I removed his hood, and unpadlocked the heavy collar and put it aside. Still in the leather fist mitts and prisoner transport belt, I uncuffed his hands, leaving the fist mitts in place, took hold of his polo shirt and lifted it over his chest, revealing his muscled hairy chest, his tits standing erect ready for punishment. He had a wide back, good size biceps, which tapered down to his waistline. I noticed him scanning my uniform up and down, and my boots.

“Strip boy”.

It was a challenge – removing boots, pants and jock when you’re locked in fist mitts – but that was my plan. He started well, unbuckling his wide leather belt and pulling down his zip. Removing the boots was more difficult (never come across a boy who managed it yet in fist mitts).

“Too slow soldier! You must now suffer your punishment”. I saw the frustration mixed with a tinge of realisation in his face – he was never going to pass this test. I pulled down his trousers letting them fall to his ankles, revealing his tight bubble butt, covered in a light coating of fuzz, and his jock. “Assume punishment position touching your toes”. He leaned forward, his fist mitts on his boots.

I selected one of my favourite leather paddles – wide leather – and took aim on my boy’s cheeks. I swung gently for the first ‘targeting stroke’, and made solid contact with his cheek. “10” Whilst the leather on skin made a satisfying slapping noise, he didn’t make any sound into his gag. I swung again, a little harder this time “9”. When I got down to 5 strokes remaining, he let out a whine into his gag, which got increasingly louder through the remaining strokes. By this point, his cheeks had a fantastic red glow, which I was enjoying; as he appeared to be too, by the head of his cock now sticking out the top of his jock.

I unlocked the padlock on his gag, and popped the gag out his mouth.


Standing in front of him, I pulled his face towards mine using the scruff of his neck, and then planted my lips on his own. I snogged him hard, pulling his face into mine. Invading his mouth with my tongue, I explored, and could still taste the gag he’d been silenced with previously. I was pleased by how he’d taken his strokes, even if I intended more later.

Leaving the fist mitts in place I helped him unlace his boots, took off his workwear and jock, and refastened the boots. Naked, booted and fist mitted, I clipped the D-ring of the fist mitts to overhead chains, and attached his ankles to two rings on the floor using leather restraints. He was now tied in an X shape in the middle of the playroom, and I wanted to explore this meat a little more.

I ran my hands slowly down his chest, enjoying his chest hair, and stopped at his tits. Standing proud, I took one in each hand, and twisted and pinched. This boy already looked like he could take a fair amount of punishment - so I started chewing on one tit, biting down gradually harder and harder. He struggled against the restraints, and moaned. I put a pair of tit clamps on him, and I thought at that he was going to shoot his load then and there.

Moving down to his abs, I gut punched them gently, to which he tensed. This boy was turning out to be a good catch.

I ran my hand through his pubes, and grabbed his cock. He must have been about 7 inches hard, his glans was big, moist and was dripping with precum. I wiped the head with my fingertips, and his sent him crazily struggling against the restraints. My fingers now covered in precum, he greedily licked it like it was finest caviar.

I wanted to bring this boy to such a frenzy to he was frustrated and would do anything his boss ordered. For the next 40 minutes, I repeatedly reached down and played with his balls with one hand, whilst I jerked him off with the other. Just as I could feel him getting to the edge, I’d immediately stop, leave him, and stand behind him, pushing myself against him through my uniform. Sometimes, I’d chew on his naked neck, and other times, I’d talk dirty to him.

After 40 minutes, I’d reduced him to begging to be allowed to cum.

“Please SIR, please let me shoot sir, PLEASE SIR”

Suitably frustrated, it was time to move on with his training. I took the tit clamps attached to his tits with a chain, and pulled. He started whimpering like a baby. I took one of the clamps and quickly unclipped it. He threw his head back and screamed with the suddenness of it all. I few seconds later, I unclipped the other. I wondered if this boy liked the plaster to be removed quick or slow!

Allowing him a few more minutes to calm down, I started exploring his bubble butt. Running my fingers round his butt, and down his crack, His fantastic pair of cheeks were covered in soft fur, just the right amount to ‘frame’ his hole nicely.

I spread his tight cheeks wide and exposed his hole. Running my fingers down his crack and over it, he struggled back and forward against the restraints. I was certainly looking forward to fucking it later. I was straining against my own jock, which would be nice and ripe now for his tongue.

Taking my index finger, I pushed against it. It was nice and tight, but soon my finger was pushing inside. This was obviously one of his ‘buttons’. Through his legs, I could see precum dripping off his cock head.

I knew what was next for this boy. Returning to my toy box, I removed a fetters heavy duty metal catapult cage, and held it up to my slave’s face.

“SIR, please, no, SIR, please SIR”

I fastened the leather strap around his waist, whilst forcing his heavily swollen cock dripping its precum into the metal rings of the cage. I pulled the cage shut, and fastened the hex-nut to completely enclose his cock and balls in a metal prison. Going behind him, as one last touch, I took a dome shaped ridged plug and spread some lube across it. Rubbing it against his hole, I suddenly pushed it past his sphincter, to which he let out the biggest moan of the evening so far. It snapped shut around the invader, and he barked out “SIR THANK YOU SIR “ again. I fastened the last padlock and central strap to the cage, and my work was now complete.

Now with his cock and hole under my lock and key, I unlocked his legs and arms from the spread eagle restraints, and took off the fist mitts only to re-apply heavy neck to wrist to ankle manacles. Whilst also looking great on a boy, they are completely inescapable without the key, and sound fantastic when a boy is moving around in them.

“On your knees boy – get to those boots”.

Without hesitation, he dropped to his knees, and starting lapping on my boot. Right one first, he started long, slow strokes from back to front, and then paying particular attention to the toecap with small movements. Ex services always give good boots, they know how to take care of them. I knew he was into boots, I swear I could even feel his tongue through the leather. Even more surprised when he moved to the sole, he did a good job of one before moving on to the other.

With both boots now gleaming, I took hold of his collar and pulled his face into my crotch. Staying on the same theme, his mouth started sucking and licking at the front of my combat trousers. Enjoying the sensation, I didn’t give him any reward until the fabric was wet; and he stopped and looked up at me from his kneeling position. I reached down and unzipped my flies, revealing my precum soaked jock.

His tongue went straight inside my zip, massaging and attempting to suck on my cock through the jock. He licked and sucked the precum out of the jock, until I pulled down the waist band and exposed my full 8 inches. Without hesitation, I took the boy’s collar, and pushed down his throat. Initially coughing and choking, I pulled back a little and became more forceful. This boy was a good cocksucker too – taking the whole length of it down, and also putting his tongue to good use on the tip.

Seeing this stud in heavy chains, chastity and plug taking the length of my meat was hot as hell, and soon enough I could feel myself getting close. With one last pull of his collar and his tongue on my shaft, I felt my load building, and in an explosion, I shot straight into the throat of my boy. He gulped it down, and kept sucking it out, I must have shot what felt like gallons. Not a drop was wasted or spilled; this boy definitely had good training potential. I continued fucking his face for a while until I was completely drained, before straightening my uniform and zipping up.

Slightly exhausted, I needed a little recovery time, and my boy needed feeding. Still on his knees with head bowed, I took a heavy leather hood down from the shelf – fantastically heavy, once a boy is inside it, it deprives him of most of his senses, but made of full leather, gives him an overwhelming smell of leather, and sweat from previous locked down boys.

Unlocking his metal collar and removing it, I pulled it down over the boy’s head, I could hear him hungrily breathing in the smell of the leather. I slowly took each lace in turn and tightened it, drawing the hood across his face tighter and increasing his feeling of enclosure. I pulled the back zip down, covering the laces, and fastened the collar before applying the padlock.

Pulling him by the collar, I led him across to the small cage at the side of the playroom. The cage is big enough for a boy to sit or be hogtied (3 by 2), depending on the scene, and has a neck sized ring to the top and the side (so a boy can be sat with his head in or out of the cage, or knelt and face fucked without resistance. Positioning him sitting, I closed the heavy metal around his neck, turning the hex nuts to lock it in place.

At this stage, he was still in a chastity cage, ass plugged, wrists and ankles in heavy chains and with all his senses focused within a heavy padlocked hood. His hooded head sticking out the top of the cage, this was a good sight to see. I finished the picture by passing a handcuff through each of the wrist chains, and cuffing them to the side of the cage. Leaving him there, it was time to leave the playroom, and find my new buck some better tasting protein.