Tuesday 4 October 2022

Fiction: Daddy's Home (Part 1)

Turning my key in the lock and stepping into the warmth of the hallway I smile to myself observing your submissive head bowed forehead on the wall awaiting my return from my day’s work. From our messages throughout the day and your frustrations, sometimes a Daddy just knows how you crave to be treated and the signals.

My encouragement and nurturing of your interests and desire to please has given you a sturdy muscular rugby player body which I am proud to own. I must remember to compliment how good your body is looking and how pleased I continue to be with your daily gym sessions and clean living. I see heads turn and attraction and admiring looks from men and women alike, but know you have freely devoted yourself to one man.

I know you’ll have been hard when you wrapped the heavy steel self-locking collar around your neck and it clicked shut after locking your boots in the irons. But seeing your gloved hands and wrists locked in heavy steel and attached to your waist belt is one of Daddy’s favourite horny visuals. The heavy metal looks good on a boy such as yourself and only goes to accentuate the musculature, as does the leather chest harness. You love the complete loss of control and tight restriction and I love seeing you that way.

Your short dark hair looks smart as do your wide shoulders and muscled arms held in their unnatural chained position. The position only goes to enhance your physique. Shoulders tapering down to your narrow waist adorned in the leather jock you know Daddy likes seeing so much because it highlights the muscular orbs of your butt and the strong powerful legs under. You know I would never have you shave your chest hair, as it enhances your masculinity.

The choice of plug makes me smile more. I know it’s wide and long and needs some concentration to keep it held in position – like being continually filled with your Daddy when he’s not there in person. You know I love you showing me that plug in place, and how important it is to you as a sign of control and ownership.

I should have given you instruction to video the moment the lubed widest part passed through and snapped into its final position. I hope your deep voice grunted as it entered as you do when Daddy is at his most intimate with you.

For a moment, I consider hanging up my keys, ignoring the creaking of your leather padded knee pads, and fetching a heavy sensory deprivation hood from the playroom; and forcing you into your dark confined world before you even see your Daddy... but today I sense you need support and service.

Hanging up my keys my boots make up the short distance to where you’re kneeling and I reach down and feel the cold steel locked around your neck, stroking up the back of your head, over your forehead and down your face. The stubble of your short beard tickles my fingers as I explore your soft lips and you willingly take my finger into your mouth and suck it greedily. As I again reach your collar I tug on it to change your position to face me.

Keeping your gaze down at my boots, I take both my hands and encourage your face towards my crotch. The image of your muscled chest, pert tits and six pack lowering to your stuffed leather jock is exquisite. Despite the leather I can clearly see the padlock and outline of your metal chastity cage. I know your cock is already straining inside it from the anticipation of your Daddy’s smell and touch; but there’s no chance you can get relief without permission. Perhaps this month you’ll get some relief; or I might keep the frustration maximised to keep your submissiveness heightened. Keeping you frustrated makes you a better boy.

I can see you taking deep inhales the scent through the fabric of the uniform, the smell I know you’re addicted to and will make you even harder inside your cage. Opening your mouth, you chew at the fabric trying to find your Daddy’s balls and now swelling cock. You know fine well that no permission is needed for this, and your bearded face feels good against his uniform and how he enjoys it so.

When your tongue looks dry and your good training allows you to taste my precum through the fabric, I motion and point down at my boots, and you know there is more work to do before you will be permitted a reward. On a different day there may have been a hollow gag and fluid replacement at this point; but not today.

Carefully balancing and tensing your muscles, you pull against the chains holding your limbs in place and your chin ends up at the toe of my boot. Beautiful wide back and restrained slave with his butt in the air and showing his master’s plug. No further commands are necessary, you know its part of your duties to keep your Daddy looking smart and his boots gleaming. You once told me you loved the taste of leather, and I made sure I never forgot and gave you what you wanted... Needed.

Your long tongue passes across the leather toecap, and I can feel the pressure inside my warm boot. I know the leather will be warm and fragrant from a day at work which will just enhance your sensations. I know your cock will also be swollen inside its cage, desperate for release of control, leaking sticky precum.

You’re a methodical boy, your tongue working every inch of the boot from toe to heel and ankle. Did I teach you that, or are you just a rare find in a world of the swipe left generation? Your tongue is black with boot polish but both boots are shining and wet, and you know how to please me.

Looking up for approval, weighed down by your collar and chains, you have never looked hotter, and the blood is filling my cock, ready to use your talented mouth and tongue. You have confidence that you’ve done a good job as you’ve been trained and that your owner will give you approval and reward.

I nod and you know how you’ll be rewarded. Your need to feel Daddy’s throbbing cock in your throat is almost a compulsion for you. Cupping my rock hard cock and balls through my uniform, I unzip and my hard cock pushes out its full length, the head swollen and glistening. You know it’s your responsibility to give your owner pleasure and take whatever he demands of you and in return you receive love, support and protection.

Straightening up, you line up at face level for the invading member, and look up for approval once again. I know what you want boy.

Your submissiveness, your body, and your boot service have already got me to a point where I can already visualise you choking as I force my load down your throat as I trained you; but I need to hold back a little if I’m to give you the attention you need until we fall asleep tonight.

“Tongue only”

I watch your tongue extend, moist again and darkened with polish. Moving forward to connect, it licks off the liquid pooled at the tip, before circling the head with increasing pressure and moving the length of the shaft. Greedily your beard nuzzles and licks Daddy’s balls, before sucking each like it’s the rarest tastiest fruit in the universe. You know how much that pleases me – I've told you – and I can’t help but growl from the very bottom of my chest. Sometimes, I let you take liberties and control things – you know that’s not always the case. Your tongue again does its work across the length and the head moistening every inch.

I grab the back of your locked collar and pull your head back; those loving blue eyes looking up and me; willing me; begging me for the prize. I rub the moist and hard end of my cock against your lips, teasing; denying; and reaffirming control. When I think I’ve teased enough I push the head slowly between your lips and let it slide inside the hot warm hole.

You’ve taken your training well and you know how to give Daddy pleasure as my meat slides deeper inside. You’re a good boy; this is what I trained you for. Slowly I withdraw, pinch your nose and again push inside... this time quicker and deeper.

While I know you enjoy an aggressive Daddy taking you from all sides, this attention is different; tender almost. I slide deeper and deeper into your willing throat. I can see your throat flinch as the invader hits home, but you don’t gag like a good boy; as I increase the rhythm and force and take both sides of your collar for leverage.

The look of disappointment in yourself and tearing up on your face when you briefly choke, cough and splutter is dismissed with my stroke down your face and across your drooling chin before once again your mouth is returned to your purpose as my boy. The leverage from your collar allows me once again to return into a rhythm, letting you catch your breath and taking the head deep into your throat.

The warmth and sensation is exquisite, along with the sound of heavy metal restraints and the visual image of Daddy’s swollen moist cock disappearing balls deep inside you. Increasing pace and forcefulness, you know fine well you’re doing a good job and you’ll soon be rewarded. Your deep guttural grunts betray your enjoyment in harmony with my own growls.

Despite your completely controlled and restrained position, you tense your chest and biceps to show them off; and this is all Daddy needs with the physical, visual and audible stimuli to feel his balls tightening. Pulling on your metal collar, I force into your throat as the familiar sensation explodes and my seed fires the length and hits its target with a loud growl.

You’re a good boy and don’t gag, but take the seed, gulping down the nectar. I know you love it so and get upset if you can’t be a full service pig. That pleases me greatly. As all my nerve endings fire and the aftershocks empty my length, I continue to push against your throat before pulling back and letting your tongue lap up the remaining cream like a cat. I know you don’t like a drop to go to waste and gently your tongue cleans every inch with a slight satisfied smile. Fuck me; you’re well trained. It’s been a while since Daddy gifted you something sexy. I must resolve that and show you how much you are cared for.

Bending down it occurs to me that I haven’t even greeted my boy since returning home as I wipe the moisture off your bearded chin. Sometimes the bond is so strong no words are necessary.

As I gently pull on your collar and help you to your feet I stare into those adoring blue eyes and survey the handsome face. I could kiss that face until the end of time.

“Good evening boy.”

“Good evening Daddy.”

I lean forward and plant my lips on yours, tenderly brushing against them before invading in a full-on passionate embrace. Reaching down, I massage the plug inside you only to see your eyes roll back and what could only be described as moans emanate from your throat.

Putting my arms around you, I physically lift you and carry you to the couch in the living room before sitting myself and arranging you on my lap. Stroking across your muscular torso, down your butt cheeks I play with the plug more as my lips again connect with your own and my tongue pushes inside your mouth.

I love your little guttural moans. They show me always that you’re horny and frustrated. I know there will be sticky precum inside your chastity cage, and right now, you’re so horny you’ll do anything for your owner.

“I’m very pleased with you boy”.

The passionate kissing, your still chained state and playing with the plug again forces the blood to my cock and it again hardens. Soon enough it will replace the plug but first my boy needs some rewards and his Daddy needs to give him another form of protein.

“Go, get your leather straight jacket boy. Daddy needs to make us some steaks”. It will take me 30 minutes to clean up and fix dinner, and it’s a good time to keep you submissive and frustrated until the plug comes out. While I change, I’ll get your favourite leather gag to go with the jacket. It’ll be a nice surprise for you as I’m cooking dinner, and I know how you love how it makes you feel owned and makes your cock hard…