Tuesday 6 June 2023

Fiction: Daddy's Home (Part 2)

With your wrists and ankles still in the heavy metal irons you shuffle through the house to bring back your full leather heavy padded straightjacket. Heavy metal chains on hard wood floors almost sound as good as when you drag them along concrete and I enjoy taking in every second of watching those rounded muscular cheeks flexing towards the playroom. You really must have one of the best butts in the world from the sets of squats and deadlifts.

That plug is still tightly held in place and it just makes Daddy prouder seeing repeated glimpses of it along with your low hanging full balls surrounded by their chastity cage. In the mode you’re in, I know after your chore is completed, the jacket will be presented to me on your knees submissively. Tonight you need complete ownership and loving support.

I browse the closet and select the black leather shirt with the double seems down the back to show off my wide back. I know how the grey detailing and NYPD patches always intoxicate you with smell, taste, sight and sounds of creaking leather. Coupled with the tight leather britches Daddy takes off the hanger to go with them and the wide leather RoB belt and Goldtop boots I know your eyes will light up and you’ll go further into your slave headspace. Tucking a leather strapped wide gag in my Langlitz jacket, I’m happy with my presentation and readiness.

Returning to the living room my cock instantly swells inside the tight leather breeches at the sight of you on your knees, head bowed, with a heavy pile of leather straps next to you. That wide muscular back and triple weight locked metal collar gets Daddy every time. Reaching inside my jacket, the gag is firmly and assertively pushed inside your mouth and strapped closed before you can even glance up.

Straddling in front of your bowed and now gagged head, I lift your chin and raise your eye level to take in your fully leathered master and owner. Even in your still chained state, the look in your eye says all. Frustrated, horny, overwhelmed but desperate to explore with your mouth. Your nose again meets with the leather bulge and you breath in every scent of the warm leather. My hard cock pushes against the leather, already seemingly fully recovered from its earlier exertion and ready for more action. The gag pushing towards your throat keeps you frustrated, denied of using your mouth as good boy should; but at least you can enjoy the warm scent of man and leather.

Pulling on your heavy metal collar, you flex your legs and rise to face me, and I gently kiss the front of the gag, tasting the leather and your frustration. Moving my leather gloved hands round your back I trace down the harness, leather of the jock and across the orbs of your butt, finding the rubber invader pushed deep into your tight hole.

Looking deep into your eyes, I press and twist the plug knowing the pleasure pain it will transmit through your whole body. Desperation to let your hole return to its normal size; yet desperation to keep it there and be replaced by your Daddy claiming what’s his. It can stay there a little longer as I know you can take it; and I love it when you grunt like that pig.

Taking the keys from my belt, I unlock the heavy metal self-locking collar around your neck. I remember you telling me how much you crave it as it reminds you of Daddy’s hands round your neck, and how proud you are when it clicks shut to show that you’re completely owned. I carefully put it on the kitchen counter for after dinner.

Next, I unlock the metal belt around your slim waist and release your gloved hands from the wrist manacles. You always look so disappointed and rejected when released but we have to be practical. Leaving your boots still chained, I reach to pick up the heavy pile of reinforced padded black leather dutifully presented.

Opening the jacket fully, I hold the heavy shiny polished leather both inside and out up at your chest level and you push your arms inside the leather prison. Once your muscled arms are enclosed in the sleeves, the heavy leather padding means they become useless to experience any touch other than warm full leather enclosure. Making sure the jacket is pulled up over your shoulders, I fold it around your back and over the leather harness, and immediately loosely buckle the collar around your neck.

In my full leather, my boots stomp on the floor as I reposition behind you and gently rub my stubble across the back of your exposed neck, finding your ear with my lips and tongue. I know this small motion drives you completely wild with desire and feel your knees physically buckle under the complete pleasure. Folding my arms round your chest to steady you, I play with the sensations more to drive you deeper into your primal desire and need to feel completely owned and controlled. I only stop when your ear and exposed neck is reddened, and I feel you shuddering ready to continue the rest of your tight enclosure.

My gloved leather hands take each leather strap in turn, buckle it to create your utterly inescapable leather prison. Not happy with the level of control, I return to each strap in turn, tightening another position and then crossing your heavy leathered arms over your chest and feeding the connecting straps round your back. Feeding the arm strap through it’s buckle I make sure I pull them tight and enforce the self hugging position – it can be tight as dinner will be within the hour.

I feed the additional belts through the tight leather above your bulging biceps, and buckle them tight before looping each into the additional strap which I pull tight across your shoulders, pinning your arms back even further and restricting you further. The effort keeps me warm, and the smell of warm leather fills the air.

Facing you once again I look deep into your eyes as I pull tight the pillion strap around your looped over arms and buckle it tight. I know the look I’m seeing; complete submissiveness and powerless against the mass of complete restraint your boss now encloses you in. Both your holes filled to show his complete ownership and dominance; I love this image so much.

Pulling down your leather jock, I expose the padlocked steel chastity cage which I notice is dripping pre-cum and fondle your hairy swollen balls in my gloved hand. Just enough to give you pleasure to begin with, and then a few more significant squeezes until you let out a low guttural half whimper, half horny moan through your gag.

You know fine well the chances of you being unlocked anytime soon are almost zero; despite your protestations and adorable habit of trying to dry hump Daddy’s leathered leg or boot to try and gain relief. Sometimes you need extra discipline; and you asked to be locked even before we started discussing ownership.

I enjoy you telling the stories of the looks you receive in the gym when you change or shower and have the alpha confidence enough to show you are proudly locked and controlled. I remember laughing out loud when you told me about the hairy muscle guy who seemed overly friendly after seeing your cage and asked if he could meet your owner, and you pointed at me using the squat rack. If he ever picks up the courage, then perhaps you’ll end up a boy owner yourself. All those compliments from other guys don’t threaten me – you’re a good-looking boy who I encourage to work hard after you told me you had an interest in bodybuilding and you wanted to be my proud muscle boy. A true Daddy nurtures and encourages; even if discipline is necessary from time to time to discourage brattiness.

Passing the two leather straps around your nuts, I feed them through your legs and loop them into each buckle at the rear of the jacket. I smile seeing the plug still deeply in position, and as my gloved hand takes the first strap and tightens the buckle, I push on the plug to give you some extra stimulation. The louder groans and the new drop of pre-cum which drips from your cage shows I’m having the intended effect, before I repeat with the other buckle.

You really are a beautiful sight to behold and I very proud of you. Still in your boots and heavy leg manacles, butt plugged, cage hanging, gagged tight and now strapped in inescapable leather. My perfect muscle slave. I gently pull you by the collar to the kitchen island and order you to sit. You can relax while your Daddy cooks dinner, all along on the hard kitchen chair which pushes that plug further inside you and reminds you of your ownership.

I make a start on a few sweet potato fries, side salad, and pan frying the rib eyes to keep that protein synthesis going, and I see your frustrated lustful eyes watching every move of your full leather Daddy. I know you want to taste every inch of my warm leathers and boots; but the straps are all tight and your cock is straining against its cage. You know it makes Daddy extra horny seeing you frustrated and bound and it always leads to a good rough fucking later.

The warmth of my Langlitz jacket is too much during the cooking, so I straddle you on the chair letting you enjoy the creaking of its sliding off my chest and onto the back of their chair you’re positioned on. I show you my affection by stroking my beard across the top of your head with kisses, down your forehead and nose and to the gag opening your lips and invading your throat.

I play with the front of the leather jacket, applying pressure to dig the pin prick stimulation pads into your tits. Despite you being a big tough boy, all Daddy has to do is play with those or nibble your ear and you can’t even talk; a good technique when a bit of harder play or restraint is required. I’m having the right effect – the precum is oozing from the front of your locked cage. Poor puppy, if only Daddy would let you play with yourself; and that plug filling you must be getting a little uncomfortable by now. Daddy’s cock is swollen and moist inside his jeans, all ready for boy’s service.

From one beef steak to another I return to the kitchen and turn them off to them rest; plate up and keep your frustration maximised. Pouring us both a glass of wine, I place them on the dining table and consider that 40 minutes is probably time enough at the tightness level I fastened and our food is ready.

Daddy bends down next to you and unlocks the heavy manacles from around your ankles and they clatter on the floor. Drawing you up by the collar, I slide my hand down the back of your leather strapped back and across the beautiful tight orbs of your butt cheeks, returning to the cleft and pushing on the plug still kept in place. Just beautiful.

I begin the undoing of the inescapable full leather straps enclosing your muscular torso, the smell of warm heady leather filling the air and hot boy. I enjoy the almost ceremonial aspect of both the enclosure of your body in bondage and the release; like wrapping and unwrapping the most valuable of parcels.

Before long, the straps are all loosened and released, and the heavy jacket slides forwards exposing your perfect muscular arms and chest, the tits pert and reddened by their pin prick pleasure pain torture. I spread the jacket out to dry of the boy sweat, and unbuckle the strap at the back of your gag and gently pull the invader from your throat.

Those adorable eyes are still fixed into mine – such complicated emotions of power, pain, control, love, submission and brattiness all mixed into different looks. Your still reached forward arms drape over my shoulders and for a moment, time seems to stop as you inhale the smell of your Daddy, his leather, and unique scent. My hands follow the contours of your back again down to your beautiful, abusable, fuckable, edible, muscled butt, and I gently push on your plug.

“Go relieve yourself of that plug puppy and don’t let yourself get cold; dinner’s ready.”

Without faltering your gaze looks deep into my eyes, you push against my hands pushing the plug keeper inside yourself, and half whisper

“I love you Daddy”.

My cock springs to its full size inside the tight leathers which I know you’ll feel and I deeply invade your mouth in a passionate and breath-taking kiss. Right now, I want to rip that plug out and replace it with Daddy’s full length without any mercy….. but dinner is on the table…