Monday 6 June 2022

Fiction: Disappeared Cop #4

My swollen meat needed some relief again.  The sight of his half uniformed, seed podded cop sweating and struggling against the tight bonds was keeping me horny as fuck. 
The rebreathing bag was doing its job.  With each panicked breath, the pig was using more and more of his oxygen and breathing out more CO2 and gradually asphyxiating himself. 
“Ready to play nice boy, or shall we keep up until I win?”
I undid the collar, bicep strap, then the wrist strap again; to no resistance.  Leaning forward, the shirt came free revealing a nice sized bicep as I’d suspected.  Quickly I pushed the wrist back into the tube restraint and then fastened and locked the leather straps once again and collar.
“Feeling light headed boy?”. The rebreathing bag filled and emptied quickly, the boy draining the last oxygen from the bag and his facial colour changing.  I idly played with both exposed nipples, despite his cock locked in its metal prison; I wondered if it was feeling the pressure of its confinement.  He wasn’t going to be conscious much longer.  Leaning down, I whispered in his ear as the struggling subsided and the eyes glazed “remember, the boss always wins”.  Then he was gone.
Reopening the valve and pulling off the mask to restore his air supply, I quickly unhooked the collar bicep and wrist restraints and slid off the uniform before his brain re-engaged with his body and the panic response returned.  Now completely naked with his nightstick still filling his hole, he came to with a start and guttural nonsense noise.  Wiping the drool off his face and neck, I played with his head some more and stoked his face and down the top of his head “the boss always wins”.
He looked teary, but I couldn’t be sure it wasn’t the bagging; until I noticed a new tear forming and running down his temple.
“Good boy, I’m pleased we have an understanding now”.  I’d won this round and broken him, but I was sure it wouldn’t last for long.
From my toy box, I took a wide black leather training collar, and tightened it around his neck and buckled it shut with a small padlock.
“Since you’re my muscle cop puppy, you need a decent collar to show that you’re owned property.  But all pups need training, so this one is specially designed to remind you when you need to be taught obedience.”
Running my still gloved finger across his perfectly formed lips, still beaded with sweat, I was looking forward to training that mouth.
“Now, if you’ve invited to speak, how do you think you should be referring to your master, faggot?”
There was a mumble, almost incomprehensible.
“I can’t hear you slave, you need to show appropriate respect”.  Pushing the collar remote, it sent what would have been a painful shock through the collar.  He yelped – there wasn’t any word for it.
Pushing the collar button again, another shock, just to emphasise”
“Good boy, you see how this works now.  And that’s a good response.  Every sentence should start and end with that word, or else there will be punishments.”
“There’s a good boy.  I’m going to angle the bed up and then I’m going to release your legs and you’re going to put both feet on the floor. Understand boy?”
I took a pair of my heaviest 19th century style manacles, and unfastened each cuff, wrapping the restraint around his ankle and then padlocking shut.  These restraints were so heavy and thick there wasn’t any question of him moving around too much in them, let alone being able to walk normally or run.
“The next item you’ll know how it works boy.  When I unstrap your chest and arms, turn around and buckle it shut behind you and padlock it.  Then put both your wrists in the cuffs and tighten and drop to your knees.” 
Putting the well used prison escort belt on the floor where he could reach for it, I then stood close to his head out of striking range, I unbuckled the chest, waist and thigh restraints, and finally the biceps, fist tubes, and wrist strap.
With the metallic sound from his hobble restraints and obvious discomfort from the invader inside him, he fully complied with the instructions.  Standing stark naked and his cock and balls locked in permanent chastity, collared and chained, he looked even more impressive than previous inspection.  This was a nice piece of meat for training.  He quickly wrapped the leather restraint belt around his waist, and fastened the buckle behind his back, and slid in the padlock with an appropriate click.  Closing the loop around one wrist there was the unmistakable sound of ratchet closing around wrist, and he also managed to enclose his other wrist, and click the ratchet into place unaided.
“Face away and lean forward over the bench boy.”
Broken and compliant, he leaned down as best he was able across the restraint bed and spread the cheeks of his ass wide to expose the regulation side handled baton which disappeared into his hole.  Seeing the muscled orbs of his tight cheeks and the baton handle stretching his tight pink little hole was a beautiful sight.
Laying my still gloved hand on the back of his head, I pushed down and with my other hand passed the hasp of a padlock through a D-ring on the medical bed, and then quickly through the front of his shock collar.
Taking the exposed long handle with extended down between his legs, I twisted it round to the longest length was now pointing up the centre of his back.  Drawing back on the handle, I pulled towards me, drawing it and its bulbous head shallower into his ass, before ramming is hard back to the hilt.  He let out a deep loud moan – pain, pleasure; I wasn’t really sure.  In his restrained and bent over state, there was little he could do about it anyway.
Again taking the nightstick, I stick fucked him a few times more just to ensure he was nicely warmed up and in pain from the experience.  The entire handle disappeared the whole length each time.  I was sure it was going to be nice tight fuck.
Removing the codpiece from my leather jeans, I let my cock and balls hang free and extend to their full 8 inches of meat, the purple head swollen and ready for stimulation.  Whilst tempted to breed him raw, I still had some blood work to do before that, and so deftly rubbered up.
Returning to nightstick fucking him again, I managed a few more thrusts before I couldn’t resist that pink muscled hole any more.  Pulling more on the nightstick, I eased it to the edge, and he groaned as it pulled against his tight sphincter, groaning even louder.
Shuush fucker, or you’ll be gagged and punished more.”  I pushed the activate button the shock collar to deliver on my reminder.  He pulled up against the collar delivering his punishment, but the moan was less than before.
With a last piece of effort, the head eased out of his asshole and snapped closed shut, reddened and stretched.  It was even fairly clean.
In the same motion I lined up my cock to his bent over state, and pushed my head against the pretty pink opening.  Grabbing both sides of his restraint belt, I forced my cock inside him as far as it would go.
He screamed out.
“Take it all in like the faggot cop you are boy”.  I pushed the activation trigger three times in succession.
Again drawing out just to make him suffer most, my cock head withdrew completely before once again slamming back inside him.  As I’d suspected, the cop’s ass was beautifully tight and gripped my cock well, but opened up by the nightstick offered very little resistance.
Moving my gloved hands across his naked back, I pushed his face down into the restraint bed whilst raping his hole with the full length of my cock.  Warm inside my leathers, his pinned down position was such there was no escaping it and I ploughed his hole for all I was worth.  He was a very good ride, and started moaning each time I thrust inside him.  Between the sounds of my leathers, balls smacking against his ass, him moaning, and the seed pod banging against the bed, these were horny sounds.  I moved my gloved hand across his mouth to keep him quiet which was quite effective.
I pounded faster and longer, and soon the tight grip of his ass around my cock did its job.  I felt my nuts tighten, and with a moan of my own, I unloaded my seed the strongest I’d experienced in a long time.  Big spurts which I was sure he’d feel inside him even despite the protection.
“Good little faggot, taking your bosses load.  You’ll get used to serving me regularly.  You also have a fantastic feeling fuckhole boy.”  I was still hard and my cock inside him, which was a fantastic turn on in itself.
“Have we forgotten our manners already boy?  I paid you a compliment, what do you say?”
Pushing the metal barbs of the larger stun gun against his beautiful muscle butt cheek was all the threat that was needed.
“SIR Yes SIR, SIR, thank you SIR”
Withdrawing, I watched his beautiful bruised pink hole snap shut, and emptied the contents of the rubber on my gloved hand.  Pushing back on the small of his back with one hand, I ran my still hard cock up the crack of his ass, and with the other, placed it over his mouth.
“Clean my glove boy.  Lick it nice and clean”
There was an obvious shaking of the head no.  Once again, the barbs were applied to his ass, and once again, the desired effect was achieved before needing to depress the trigger.  I could feel his tongue through the leather taking big long strokes of my cum into his mouth.  Holding the fingers in front of his nose, the fingers also got licked clean.  I’d anticipated more force being needed or more drugging before he so easily adapted to this.
I was still hard at the thought of him hobbled on his knees, spit shining my boots and leathers, but he could eat my boots for breakfast tomorrow.
“Now, it’s time for you to sleep boy in your new accommodation as my slave.  You need to follow”
There was minimal risk in his hobbled state.  The heavy manacles around his ankles were linked by a chain which was less than 12 inches long.  He wasn’t even to take a full stride without restriction.  Similarly his wrists were still enclosed by the cuffs of the escort belt, which was padlocked around his waist. I still had the stun gun in my hand and the training collar remote ready just in case.
Moving to the playroom doorway, I moved into the main corridor with him hobbling behind.  I unlocked the heavy door of the room I’d created as a cell opposite, and entered the code on the keypad.  Swinging the door open, I stepped back out the way to let my new pet enter.
“This is your room boy”
I’d fashioned this prison cell from studying different types – it was equipped with a plastic mattress, bolted down bed, stainless steel toilet and lots of attachment rings.   Everything a good authentic cell should have.  I must have exhausted him – he didn’t even say a word or react.
“Kneel on the bed facing away and wait”
He dutifully knelt on the bed, the seed pod hanging down between his legs, his muscular back enhanced by the positioning of the prisoner escort belt.
I made a point of slamming the heavy cell door and locking it.  There was even a small hatch for feeding and to evaluate where the prisoner was.  He didn’t know that there were also cameras and an IR light source in the cell to observe him; but I was sure he’d work that out soon enough.
Returning to another playroom, I watched him for the first 5 minutes, whilst he knelt almost motionless on the bed.  I’d succeeded in breaking him tonight, but there would be other challenges to come.
Taking some items with me, I returned to the cell, unlocked it, and entered the code.
“Now boy, you’ll remain restrained sleeping tonight, and piss yourself until I deem it otherwise.  You’ll wear this adult diaper to keep the mess when you piss and shit, like the worthless faggot you are.”
In his still kneeling position, I wrapped the diaper round his seedpod, ass and did so without disturbing the prisoner escort belt.  The perfect way of humiliating him.
“Lie down boy on your back…”
I attached his leg chains to a chain at the bottom of the bed and padlocked to an attachment point.  There would be some movement, but not much.
Taking my (still gloved) hand, I covered his nose, and held tight until the mouth opened.  When it did, I dropped two pills into his mouth, and then held his mouth shut again.  One would give him a restful sleep, the other would make sure that he used the diaper.  I wanted him humiliated and begging to do my bidding tomorrow.
“Now boy because you were too loud, you’re going to wear something even more special tonight until you learn to comply.”
Bringing the heavy metal medieval style helmet into view, he took one look and started flailing on the bed. 
“Quiet now boy – remember – the boss always wins”
Putting the full weight of my booted knee on his chest, I pinned him down to the bed and grabbed him by the neck and put pressure on the artery.  A few seconds later, the fight was gone, and I closed the back of his shaved head in the helmet, and swung closed the front over his face.  This was far more severe than just a collar, and a good reminder that he was completely owned.  Tightening the allen key in the locks, he was now fully enclosed, and again moaning.
I connected to the top of the helmet to a chain, and to a padlock at the top of the bed.  He was completely restrained, drugged and mind fucked until I wanted to use him again.  I covered him with a woollen blanket.
“Night boy”
I slammed the door of the cell and locked it; and turned out the cell lights.