Tuesday 7 June 2022

Fiction: Disappeared Cop #5

My sleep was undisturbed. The adrenalin kept me awake for a while – long enough to use the cameras to monitor my new boy for a while until the drugs took effect and his activity reduced.  He struggled in vain for a while in the darkness, the blanket falling and him pulling against the heavy manacles fastened around his ankles and in turn to the bed.  There wasn’t any opportunity for them to get free – the bed was cast metal and securely bolted down inside the cell.
He managed to manoeuvre the prison transport belt around his waist a little, and his hands explored the seed pod he was locked inside.  He seemed to spend a lot of time exploring it, finding out that was impossible to touch himself through the diaper and seed pod underneath.  Equally there was no way to give himself any form of pleasure.
The cold metal pressing down on his head would have heightened every sensation even further, chained down like a dog, every sound echoing within the metal helmet he was padlocked in.  There were no eye holes, just an enclosing metal helmet with some breathing holes in the nose area.  He’d be terrified.  I almost felt sorry.  Almost.
I’d won the first battle the evening before, but I knew it was going to be a struggle until he was broken and trained.
8am the next morning, I dressed back in my green scrubs, complete with a leather jock underneath.  This was going to be a long first day of his training.  Fixing breakfast for myself of orange juice, cereal, fruit and coffee, it would be a while before my toy tasted such luxuries again.  Perhaps.  Who knew. 
I monitored the camera and everything seemed quiet and he was still locked down.
I tucked the stun gun into the back waistband of my scrubs and headed downstairs.  Unlocking the cell door, I was presented with an attractive sight.  As a top, I consider it one of creation’s gifts to see a hot looking boy security strapped down and controlled.  Instantly I was again hard in my jock.  My cop slave was especially attractive with his wide shoulders and muscular chest, tapering down to a narrow waist and powerful pair of muscled legs.
I moved to the bed and slapped the side of the head cage.  I knew that from inside the head cage, even the lightest sound would be exaggerated.
“Morning pig. You want to spend more time inside there or ready to come out?”
“Yes SIR”
Well, at least he seemed to give the impression of compliance; perhaps the quiet time had helped. 
I unlocked the padlock on the side of the helmet, and swung it open to reveal a blinking, square jawed and ruggedly handsome boy. Left ungagged, there was still some spirit left – he spat in my face as a leant down.
“Okay boy, you can stay here for a further 24 hours then”. 
With that, I slammed the helmet closed again and reattached the padlock - to much begging and pleading inside the helmet.
“I guess you’re not hungry or thirsty either”.  I’d prepared oatmeal with added protein powder, but it could keep until later.  I fully hadn’t intended to waste another 24 hours of my day off and opportunity to abuse my new toy.  But fucking with his head was just as effective as physical punishments and being locked away and tied down.  As I turned out the light, I heard more pleading.
There would be little sound inside the cell itself other than doors banging, locks opening, and the flick of switches to focus on.  Locked inside the dark prison of the metal helmet, padlocked to the bed, there wouldn’t be anything to focus on but the darkness and his own breathing.  Time would be distorted, and impossible for him to track with no external cues.
I managed six hours of paperwork and monitoring before I could resist no more.  In his uncomfortable position of sensory deprivation, that would have felt like 24 hours.
Changing scrubs once again to extend the illusion of passed time, I again returned to the cell.
“Good morning boy”, as I flicked on the flight of the cell.  Strapped down and metal hooded, he was still an enjoyable sight to take in.  He had an impressive washboard six pack covered in hair spreading out across his chest and then down to his navel.  The prisoner escort belt was still in place, safely locked, as was the humiliation of an adult diaper which would have undoubtedly been filled during the night following the forced drugs I administered.
“Do we require a further 24h in lockdown or are we accepting our position of owned property?”  It was a rhetorical statement.
I think a lesson had again been learned, for now.
“Remember, you’re my faggot slave and I will do with what I desire.”
I unlocked the large padlock holding the metal head cage to the bed. 
“Until you earn it, you’ll be kept naked like the animal you are.”
Unclipping the padlock on the heavy leg manacles, I freed him from his bed prison.
“Now boy, you’ll remain chained but I want you to swing your legs onto the floor and then sit for a minute so you don’t pass out when you stand up.  Understand?”
There was a nod.
“Good, then have we forgotten our protocol for when we are ordered to speak?”. 
I clipped a heavy chain to the collar of the helmet, and after a moment or two, used it as a leash to bring him to his feet and lead him.  Still locked in heavy leg shackles and prisoner escort belt, with a bulging diaper, he shuffled in the direction I lead him, into the wet room.
The room is entirely tiled, with a large recessed shower area at one side, functional and fetish suitable urinals and a man sized rubberised table with plenty of restraint points.
I bent him forwards over the table, and stood right behind him, pushing myself against his butt.  Leaning forwards, I moved my head next to the head cage.
“Now boy, I’m going to take your cage off, but if you give me any shit, then I’m going to lock it back on for 48 hours.  Understand?”
There was nod.
“Sorry boy, I didn’t hear you”.
I took a step backwards, removed the stun gun from my waistband, touched it to his naked skin to the right of his spine, and pushed the trigger twice in quick succession.  He let out a half yelp, half groan, and collapsed forward onto the restraint table.
“When this cage comes off, you need to keep your head nose down and wait until I order you to move”.
I unlocked the padlock on the cage, and swung it open, removing the handsome meat inside.  I gently stroked the back of his head and neck to encourage the compliance.  I replaced it with the electro punishment collar he was already familiar with and clicked the padlock through the lock.
Undoing one cuff from the prison escort belt, I ordered him to put his hand forward on the bench, followed by the other one.  I took off the prisoner escort belt completely, so now all my boy was wearing was a shock collar, diaper, metal seed pod, and leg irons.  Stepping back, I put the bowl of cold oatmeal on the tiled floor along with another dog bowl full of water.
“Eat dog”
There was a slight hesitation, and so I pushed the remote control.  Zap.  He flinched, and immediately dropped to his knees.
“Come on boy we don’t have all day and a lot of training to get through...”
Another hit issued from the shock collar.
His hunger must have got the better of him and he started wolfing down the oatmeal.  It should have been enough to keep him filled at least for a while.  Of course, I’d laced the oatmeal with a good dose of sedative, just to keep him disadvantaged during these first days and weeks of training.
“Good dog” as he finished off the cold mixture.
“10 minutes. Shower, back on your knees.  Go”
I glanced down at my watch… 14:10
“You’ll find a surgical waste container by the shower.”  I pointed. 
He was clearly uncomfortable with my eyes focused on him, but I wasn’t going to allow him any freedom.  The heavy leg manacles would also take care of ‘hobbling’ any potential escape attempts along with the shock collar.  The door was shut behind me, and only I knew the code.
He reached down and pulled off the diaper, which had clearly been filled during the night after the drugs I had forced.  Dutifully dropping into the waste bin, he moved over to the shower, his perfect round ass soiled by the night’s activity and violation.  Despite that, I could have watched his muscular bubble butt flexing all day.
The shower was as in a gym for ease – push to get a timed stream of water.  The temperature was fixed unfortunately – or else a cold shower would have been enforced.  I enjoyed watching his muscular body in the shower, and again my cock raised to full attention. 
With one hand I held the shock collar remote, and with the other I reached down and cupped the front of my jocked crotch and worked the length of my meat.  With the water streaming down his perfectly formed chest and butt cheeks, the extra stimulation was enough for my cock to slip from the confines of its bounds, and I pulled my scrubs partially down and palmed the full length.  Edging myself with such an arousing visual image in front of me, the pre cum oozed from my cock head.
Jerking myself to completion would have been easy but I both wanted it to last, and also for my new property to be properly trained to take his master’s seed in whatever form it was ordered.  My new slave was also enjoying his new found freedom, stroking the water down his chest, stimulating his tits and then his hands tracing the line down his abs to the still locked seed pod over his cock.  With his gaze fixed on me, I was sure my new pet was purposely putting on this show for my benefit, and recalling earlier that he was probably horny locked inside his metal chastity.
I was sure of it when he turned his back to me showing off his wide traps, spread his legs as far as they could be in the leg irons, and ran his fingers down the small of his back to his butt.  He massaged the water down the perfectly formed muscular glutes with both hands, before running his finger down his own intergluteal cleft (butt crack) and separating his glutes.  He exposed his tight pink hole stretched my previous nitestick and cock rape, and his fingers teased round the edge.  Keeping his glutes spread, he pushed his finger into his hole and started gently finger fucking himself.
My moist and purple cock head was ready to burst at the scene of my new toy teasing his boss, and I was still slowly jerking my meat with precum now forming trails to the floor. 
I pushed the remote and kept my finger pushed.
He instantly cried out, and lost balance in the shower, falling first forward onto his knees, and then onto his side in the foetal position.  I released the button.
“Help!   Help!!  Someone help me!”
There was clearly still some fight left in him and the sedatives hadn’t started acting yet.
I pushed the remote again, delivering yet another painful compliance shock into his neck.
“Fucking boy.  You’ll learn.  Boss always wins”.
Tucking my cock back into the jock and pulling back up my scrubs, I entered the code and unlocked the barred door, slamming it closed for maximum noise and effect.  Flicking off the light, I left him naked and whimpering still on the floor.  I wouldn’t have to wait that much longer before the sedatives to calm him and he’d once again become more compliant and less resistive.
Returning an hour later, the drugs would have been in full effect in his system.  Opening the heavy barred door and flicking on the light, he was curled up near the door peacefully dozing still in his seed pod, collar and leg irons.  Now dressed in full leather uniform and tall boots, I took my leather riding crop, and swung it to connect with his perfect butt.  He came to with a start, moving his hands and arms against his rear for protection.  I could see the glazed look in his eyes and I knew the signs of the sedative which would be fogging his mind.
“Now boy, if we’re feeling more compliant, then you need a lesson in humility”.
I leaned back and lifted one of my shiny tall motorcycle boots on his chest, and rubbed the sole against one of his tits.  I knew this would get his attention and enforce at least some compliance.  The leather I was wearing from head to toe creaked and I could once again feel my cock inside its leather prison in the knowledge this meat now belonged to me.
“Spit shine every inch of my boots boy, soles included”.
There was vague understanding in the glazed eyes, but once again, more pain compliance was necessary.  I pushed and held the remote control sending yet another shock through his collar.  With the drugs it would have been less effective, but still enough to get the message across.
His hands still free, he rolled onto all fours and his face approached the tip of my boot. 
I pushed the remote again.
“Lick slave!”
This was a beautiful sight.  Muscled, restrained high and tight shaven cop on all fours, his wide back showing off his traps, narrow waist and the seed pod hanging down between his legs.  His tight butt and the chains around his ankles looked even more tempting now, I was sure this beast needed to be ridden again soon.
His tongue poked from his mouth, and slowly came to rest on the front of my boot.  Starting with slow motions, the tip of his tongue caressed my boot, his spit starting to moisten the highly polished black leather.  I brought down the crop again to connect with his butt. This time it was harder, and I left a pleasing welt mark across the curved surface.
“Whole tongue, boot slave”.
As ordered, the rest of the tongue started covering the boot with moisture.  He quickly seemed to get the hang of boot service, his entire tongue sweeping long hard strokes across the toecap.  His chiselled features even further highlighted each stroke across my boot leather.  Whether he was enjoying it or not, I could feel the pressure from his tongue on every stroke.
“Whole boot, slave”
I again swung my crop and connected with his perfect shapely butt.
He started working up the boot, from the bridge where the leather was stitched, and then taking long wet licks the length of the boot towards my knee.  He was doing a good job with his slow and controlled tongue – I might have even believed he was enjoying himself.  My cock was bulging inside my leathers, and right at that moment, I wanted nothing more than to plunge it deep into my slave’s throat… but I didn’t trust that option yet, so I kept frustrated.
With one boot soaked in his spit and gleaming appropriately after a good 15 minutes boot service, I again used the crop, and simply pointed to the other boot.
Repositioning again, he started work on the other boot.  Equally as good tongue strokes followed on the other boot.  If the earlier state of my boots was a high shine, the extra work took them up a level; and started programming my new sedated muscle cop slave how the rest of his time would be spent.  Reduced into an object for my pleasure, to serve me in sex.
With both boots now serviced to my satisfaction, I again hit the button for his shock collar.
“On your back slave”.
After flinching from the electricity, he dutifully complied, positioning himself on his back facing me.  He still looked glassy eyed, and ruggedly handsome, his chest tapering down to six pack abs, still locked in his chastity seed pod and chains.
Placing my boot on his face, there was hesitation.
Pushing the remote control, I kept my finger on the trigger until his tongue, now black with boot polish pushed up on the boot.
“Good slave”
Clearly not enjoying this task, and his tongue dry from the leather, this was a slower process.  The soles were rougher and contained detail in the form of treads which his tongue had to explore.  This was maximum humiliation and service.  Nonetheless, he did a reasonable job with what remaining spit he had left over one sole and then presented with the other for the same treatment.
“You must be thirsty now boy”.
There was slow nodding.
“Good, then now it’s time to sleep”.  Taking the pre-prepared syringe from my leathered top pocket, in his relaxed state, it wasn’t hard to pick a site to quickly deliver the chemical payload, and once again, the realisation kicked in, too late for the drugs to take effect and my pet to become limp and in enforced sleep.
He really was a beautiful sight.  Muscles beaded with sweat from the effort and stress of his boot service, lying unconscious at my leather boots.  In my peak of horniness, this scene was too good to not take advantage of.
Despite the dead weight of my muscle pet, I was still able to move him around by brute force, and rolled him over onto his six pack, managing to fold his arms in front of his face.  I spread his legs wide to expose that beautiful bubble butt, and then explored the muscular orbs and exposed his presented pink hole.  Even in his relaxed state, the muscles were taught and strong, and it was beautiful to play with.
Bending down still in my full leathers, I moved my face close to the cleft and took a deep breath in of the scent – sweat and muskiness.  The gift it being presented to me un-obstructed and prone was too much to resist any further.  I let my tongue trace a line down from the small of his back to the prize below, stopping his relaxed tight hole to give it some attention.  Even more beautiful to see the continuation of the curve and his cock and balls securely locked away in the seed pod.  I’m sure if he was conscious he would have been moaning like a bull by this point.
Probing my tongue around the tight pink hole, I probed it, lubing it up and tongue fucking it.  The taste was exquisite, and so was the view, parting these muscular orbs of my sleeping bull without any resistance.  Dripping my spit over it, and working it into the hole, he’d no doubt have been writhing wildly with the prospect of what he released was coming next.
Reaching down and freeing my meat from the confines of its leather codpiece, my precum was already moistening the inside of my leathers and the head of my cock.  Rubbering up, when I was satisfied it was lubed enough, I rubbed my cock against the tight moist pink opening.  The blood flowing to my cock the pink purple head was ready to invade this treasure, and I watched it easily slide past the rim, and then give a little more resistance as it pushed through the sphincter and my full length disappeared deep inside the hole.  Even in his unconscious state, it was a beautiful hole to ride, holding my cock tightly inside.
Thrusting into this drugged up muscle bull was incredible, my cock repeatedly pulling out and plunging into the tight muscle hole balls deep.  He was my property to do with what I wanted when I wanted.  Spreading his muscle butt more, fucking his unconscious weight had be aroused like crazy, and with the earlier boot licking, I was soon ready to unload.  Building in speed and depth, and with a blast of energy through what felt like every synapse, I felt my orgasm approaching and then with a few final thrusts, fired my seed inside the target. 
Sweating, I lay on top of him while the last vestiges reduced, and every drop was delivered, and sunk my teeth into the back of his broad back through instinct more than anything else. He even tasted good.
Carefully pulling out to keep the previous fluid for later humiliation, his pink hole snapped shut without the invader and I straightened myself, and re-fastened my leather codpiece and stood over the sleeping slave meat.
I still had some time to prepare him for more humiliation….  I promised him a drink…