Thursday 9 June 2022

Fiction: Fringe Division #2 - Level 1 ‘Employment’

Here I was, a member of the FBI’s Fringe Division, naked and strapped down to a prison restraint chair, heavy rubber hood over my face, and a handsome leather clad cop trying to get me off.  My cock and balls were standing to attention, having previously been expertly sucked by Officer Steve, and I now had some form of dildo slowly fucking me. 
Whilst I’d been arrested to find myself in this position, truth be told, I was beginning to enjoy myself.  But I was horny – and this automated “assessment procedure” seemed to be trying every trick to keep me stimulated without letting me shoot my load.  The horny looking leather clad cop who was conducting my “assessment” was still wearing his shiny high leather boots, and tight leather trousers, complete with leather codpiece front and all round back zip in this ‘cell’.
My “Assessment Score” shown on the wall display had now reached Level 9 (I didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing), and my leather clad captor, Officer Steve had just selected an indicator on the screen which said “Advanced Assessment”.
The screen displayed “Begin Officer Assessment Level 2”.
The dildo in my ass stopped its fucking motion, and I lost sight of Officer Steve for a moment.  He came back into my view and towards me with what looked like two tit clamps.  A sudden pain in my tit followed by the other and I as clamped up.  The new stimulation fired straight to my brain, and got even harder, the Assessment Score jumped to 10.  Steve’s tongue returned to my cock, teasing the head and licking off what must have been by now soaked with my pre cum.
I was desperate to shoot my creamy load, there was no doubt this was gonna be a heavy cum.  The thought of my load shooting down Officer Steve’s throat or across his chest got me to the edge and I felt my balls tighten, ready to unload.  Suddenly, an alarm showed on the screen, and I guessed in response, Steve pulled back, and ran his hand across the rubber hood enclosing my head.  “Not yet boy, not yet”.
Writhing against the straps holding my body in place, I struggled – desperate to get to my own cock for relief.  But the struggle was in vain, the bonds in the chair weren’t letting me move.  Tits still clamped, moaning and heavy breathing, I gave up the struggle and tried to relax – for every move I made the dildo in my ass also stimulated me more which didn’t help.  I could feel beads of sweat running down the hair on my chest; I needed to calm myself down.
As my breathing returned to normal and my cock softened a little, Steve ran his hands down my shoulders.  This wasn’t stimulation, I felt this was something new – reassurance from his part.  The Assessment Score was now showing 12.
I was brought back to concentration when I felt a tickle in my ass.  It was just gentle to begin with, but soon increased in intensity to a level where it felt like someone was repeatedly fucking my hole.  This new e-stim pulsating through the plug made my moan, and caused me to harden again.
“More?” as Steve looked me in the eyes through the visors in the hood. 
Yes Sir PLEASE!” I barked back.  I was enjoying this.
Steve pushed another indicator on the wall panel, and the pulses became more intense still.  I was almost certain they were getting quicker, and it made me feel like someone was ploughing into my ass with greater and greater intensity.  It was a shame it wasn’t Officer Steve who was giving me the treatment in person.  I wondered why he hadn’t pulled the codpiece off his leather uniform.
I caught glance of the wall display panel again, which was showing 13, and “Final Advanced Assessment Stage”.  As I looked, the eye visors in the hood appeared to go cloudy, and then black out completely.  At the same time, the hood felt like it was pulled back against the restraint chair, and whilst I tried to move my head from side to side, it was held rigidly in place.
The white noise sound once again seemed to fill my ears, and cut off all external sound.  The internal mask within the hood suddenly felt like it was pushing harder against my nose and mouth, as I felt something push against my lips. I tried to resist whatever it was, but the e-stim fucking kept me moaning, and this object pushed its way into my mouth.  It felt like another solid dildo, now expanding into my mouth, and muffling my moans.
This “Assessment” hood now focused my attention inwards, a complete sensory deprivation experience, the best I could do now is moan into the gag, and focus on breathing in the mixed smell of my own and previous victims sweat, and the smell of rubber.  The dildo was still giving me the feeling I was being fucked long and hard – I didn’t know how much of this I could take.
My senses heightened, again I became aware of a tongue moving across my cock head. The invader in my ass, my senses controlled, and the tight bonds against the chair meant I was already held right on the edge, and Officer Steve again servicing me took me a level higher. 
Suddenly, the air flow appeared to stop to my hood – taking me by complete surprise.  I gasped, and moaned loudly, and struggled against the bonds.  Just as I thought I was going to pass out, the air flow was restored, and I gasped big lungfulls of air.  The air sweetened slightly, and I became aware of a new smell mixed with the sweat and rubber…  I was being force fed what smelled like poppers.  Not normally into taking such things – and liking the sensation of being under complete control,  I felt my balls tighten.
The leather clad stud cop Steve was still sliding his tongue over my cock, and started to take the whole length down to his throat repeatedly.  The complete restraint, controlled senses, e-stim and clamped tits heightened every stoke of Steve’s tongue. 
The air flow stopped once again… I moaned into the gag, my nuts went into spasm and I felt probably the most intense orgasm I’d ever felt, the cum welling up inside my cock, and felt like being fired from a gun.  Officer Steve’s mouth was still wrapped round my cock, and I felt his tongue on the tip as a shot into his mouth and throat.  I seemed to shoot my load for ages, must have filled Steve’s mouth – and he seemed to be enjoying taking it.  My leather clad captor must have swallowed it down, licked and sucked the remnants from the tip of my cock head.  The clean air flow returned.
When the spasms had subsided, the gag seemed to pull back from my mouth, and the pressure became less on my face. The plug stopped pulsating and I felt it moving back out my ass.
“There’s a boy.  Deep breath”.
I was still breathing heavily, but held my breath as told, and my tits felt they had burst into flames – I think I’d even forgotten about the tit clamps.  The visored eye pieces in the hood became clear again, and Officer Steve was standing in front of me with a big smile on his face.
“You did well…   very well…”
Leaning forward, I felt him reach for the collar of the hood, and buckle it, before loosening the straps which must have been down the back of the hood.  When loose enough, he lifted the entire hood off my head – the cold air taking me by surprise.  I couldn’t speak – I was exhausted and the deprivation had my head in pieces.  I just smiled back at Steve.
He planted his lips on mine, and I tasted his breath and mouth.  It was a kiss I felt down to my toes.  Our tongues explored each other’s mouths – it was something I could have done for hours.
“Let’s see your assessment results” Steve said, and turned to the console which now read “Assessment Completed”.  Steve tapped an indicator and a series of bar graphs appeared, and a flashing overall “Assessment Score” of 15.  “Wow, 15, top of the class.  Also, good response to stimuli and control ratings.  You’ll have no problems with employment when you get to the job center.  Now, we’ll get you rested, before transport to the job center.”
With that, Steve started undoing the straps and restraints that were holding me in the restraint chair.  I was very warm now and I could feel the sweat against the back of the chair.  Completely unrestrained, I didn’t have any energy to resist. 
Officer Steve helped me out the chair, and took me over to the bed on the far side of the cell.  Lifting my legs onto the bed, he returned to my wrists, and looped a heavy humane restraint around my wrist, and locked it closed.  Next, my other wrist was restrained to the bed.  Once again, I was under his complete control and not going anywhere.  One ankle, followed by the other were also locked into the four point restraints.  It was fairly comfortable, but lying here naked I felt exposed.
Strapped down to my cell bed, Officer Steve took his body armour from the back of the chair and strapped himself back in, and then got into his leather uniform shirt.  There was no doubt he was a good looking guy.  His gunbelt was strapped back around his waist, cuffs hanging from it, and he leant down across the bed and pecked me on the lips.
“Get some rest, I’ll be back later, after I’ve done your paperwork”.  He turned, swiped his ID on the door lock, and left the cell – the door closed behind him, and the room was plunged into darkness.
I don’t know how long I remained strapped down, and the darkness of the room disorientated me.  I must have dropped off from exhaustion at some point – only to awake further disorientated and struggling against the secure restraints.  Fringe Division seemed a long long way from where I was.
I heard a click of the door, and the light again flooded the room.  When my eyes adjusted, I was pleased to see that familiar Officer Steve was back, and still looking good as ever in full leather uniform.  He carried a large bag which he placed on the floor. 
He took his gloves off, and ran his fingers over my lips, down my chest and again played with my tit.  Still sore from my “assessment”, I told him “Steady, Officer”, to which he smiled, and planted his mouth on mine again.  I noticed the four dots on his brow – definitely a tattoo of some kind.  Our tongues met, and explored each other.  Breaking off, Steve started licking my neck, only to move further down my chest and continue licking, my cock sprung once again into action.  Reaching my navel, he licked my six pack, before moving to my erect cock, and running his tongue across the tip.  Taking the whole length down to his throat, again, I was being tortured with pleasure.
This time, my hips were unrestrained, so I could enjoy thrusting at the same time Officer Steve took my cock down to his throat.  Looking down, I had good view of the back of Steve’s head, his broad shoulders inside his tight uniform, and his tight ass cheeks.
Unexpectedly, Steve stood up, and grinned at me. I guessed this was part of the assessment procedure again – but wait a minute – I’d already got my 15 rating.  Steve reached round his waist and unclipped his belt, returning it to the back of the earlier chair.  Reaching round his back, he took hold of the zip at the top of his uniform pants, and slowly undid it.  As he did so, his tight ass cheeks came into view, and hairless ass.  Continuing, the turned to face me, and started rubbing the leather front of his codpiece.  With a few snaps, the leather pouch fell free – but instead of releasing Steve’s cop meat, I noticed instead only shiny metal. 
Now I think I was beginning to understand Steve’s lack of pleasuring himself earlier – he was padlocked in chastity!  A hundred questions ran through my head – Officer Steve was owned?  Who and where was his keyholder?  Or was his standard uniform?  Was the handsome man-mountain Sarge from earlier also locked away?  I was also beginning to understand what I thought were the facial dots tattoo – it was a designation of rank or status I thought.
Steve knelt up over my restrained body, I strained against the humane restraints, but managed to lift my head up, and connected with Steve’s crack.  Working my tongue down, I found his tight hole, and ran my tongue around it – this time it was Officer Steve’s turn to do the moaning.  Working him into a frenzy, I tasted the sweat and smell of leather, and plunged my tongue into his hole.  I was doing something right – letting out a deep moan he pushed against my face, encouraging me to probe deeper.  I tongue fucked his hole, my own meat still erect and dripping – but Steve completely unable to pleasure his own cock.  I liked this scene – fully clad leather cop, squatting over me, fully dressed, and unable to get off.
Before long, Officer Steve was moaning with every movement – he must have been desperate for relief.  He started repositioning himself and again returned his mouth to my cock.  Working it up and down, his hot mouth taking the length down to his throat. 
Turning, Steve squatted to face me, still straddling my restrained form.  I lifted my hips from the bed; the fantasy I’d had about fucking Officer Steve earlier looked like a shared fantasy.  With my earlier tongue work, and Steve’s attention to my cock, I rubbed my lubed up meat between the cheeks of his ass.  He didn’t at all seem concerned about risk – I was guessing STIs and infections were a thing of the past on this world.  Finding the right spot, I thrust my hips upwards, and inside Steve’s tight ass.  I must have been keeping Steve happy, as let out a grunt, followed by a moan.
With my wrists and ankles still restrained, fucking Steve was an interesting challenge, but manageable – my cock slid in and out of his ass between his leather uniform.  I loved seeing my cock sliding deep into his hole whilst he was still wearing full leathers.  I pounded Steve’s ass, and felt myself getting close.
Gonna shoot, Officer”, I warned him.
“Inside me SIR”.
Whoa.  Officer Steve had just called me Sir.  Steve’s weakness point was obviously his ass, and I was sure this wasn’t part of my assessment – it was pure pleasure only.  I also loved that I was fucking him and he couldn’t play with himself.  My balls tightened, and with a grunt, I again shot my load – this time filling up Officer Steve’s ass with my creamy cum.
Both panting, Steve lay next to me, the leather of his uniform feeling great against my naked body.  He kissed my passionately, and we both lay exhausted for a few moments.
Steve zipped his uniform back up, snapped his codpiece back on, and put back on his gunbelt, leaving me still strapped to the bed in restraints. He swiped his ID and stepped out the cell door, leaving me again alone.  What must have been less than five minutes later, I heard the now familiar click of the door lock, and Officer Steve walked back in, followed by Sarge who’d been part of my initial ‘arrest’.
“How did he do?” Sarge asked his smaller colleague.
“Very highly Sarge – a 15 with high longevity, submission and kink grades also.”
“Wow, a while since we’ve had a 15.  Employment shouldn’t be an issue for you – time to get you to the job center.  One question. Easy or difficult boy?” Sarge questioned.
“Easy” I replied.  I didn’t want any more trouble, and I was already exhausted and not capable of a fight.
“Good”.  Sarge opened the bag which Officer Steve had brought into the cell earlier.
First item which he removed was a pair of combat boots.  Sarge had one hand on his TASER, and with the other, waved at Officer Steve to unstrap me from the bed.  Steve quickly unclipped the medical restraints, and helped me swing my legs over the side of the bed.
“Boots on boy”.
I took the boots, and put each of my feet into them before lacing them up.  They fitted perfectly, and semi shined in the artificial light of my prison cell.
“Stand up, hands out boy” Sarge was definitely giving the orders.
I complied and lifted both arms up, to which the smaller of my leather clad captors took the straight jacket and pushed it over my arms onto my chest.  Steve went behind me, and started buckling up straps.  Lower back, mid back, upper back, and two crotch straps - soon everything felt tighter. Steve pulled my arms across my chest, and pulled the back strap tight.  He then  tightened the straps a second time – I was comfortable but tightly encased in this new prison.
Sarge then reached into the bag and took out a pair of heavy irons – and Steve placed them around each of my booted ankles, and clicked them shut.  This was heavy restraint – and there was certainly going to be no escaping.  The chains made a metallic noise all of their own which started getting me horny.
Sarge must have noticed I was starting to harden, and handed Steve the bag, approaching me.  Reaching down, Sarge took my cock and balls in his leather gloved hand and gave them a few tugs.
“Now I see why you’re worthy of a 15”, he exclaimed.  Bending forward, Sarge licked the end of my cock, and took it into his mouth.  After a few thrusts, he stood back up “very nice boy.  Okay Steve”.
Steve came from behind my head, taking me by surprise, and rammed what felt like a solid rubber gag into my mouth.  It seemed huge and filled my mouth.  Again, I was unable to speak.  I grunted into the gag, as Steve buckled it shut behind my head.
Finally, Officer Steve took a prison hood (a hood to stop prisoner’s spitting or biting corrections officers, but still allows the prisoner to see), and pulled it down over my head.  Tightening it at the neck, and the buckling the collar of the straight jacket, I was completely restrained, horny again, and under the control of my two leather clad warders.
With a guard on each side, Sarge and Officer Steve guided me towards the cell door and out into the corridor, shuffling as I was.  In the corridor were a number of other guards, and prisoners.  We were all dressed the same way – straight jacket, boots, leg irons, and hood.  Could it be that each of the other prisoner’s had been treated to the same assessment procedures?
I counted seven, not including myself.  One guy appeared to be giving his guards particular problems – probably as big as Sarge, he was as tall as wide, shaven headed and tattooed.  He was struggling, resisting, and both his guards were struggling to physically control him also.  His body was impressive, and he was straining every muscle against his guards.
Sarge realised his colleagues were struggling, and went over to assist. 
“Level 1 Sarge”, one of them told Sarge.
Sarge calmly took one enormous hand, and took a hold of the skinhead by the neck. 
“Calm the fuck down, or I’ll give you something to complain about” Sarge calmly stated to the suspect.  This only served to enrage the angry skin further, to which his struggling became even more violent; the straps of his straight jacket straining against every movement. “Special measures please officers”, to which Sarge took his TASER from his gunbelt, pushed it against the skin’s leg, and pulled the trigger.  There was a clicking, a load moan, and the skinhead fell to the ground, whimpering. 
One officer stepped away for a second and returned with a case, which he set down next to the now crumbled resisting suspect.  Opening the case, I couldn’t see what was inside, but whatever it was, he rolled the skin onto his front, and spreading his muscular ass, squirted some lube around his hole.  Taking another object from the case, it looked to me like an enormous butt plug with a number of ridges.  The officer took the plug, and rubbed it against the suspects ass hole, and then pushed.  Even still recovering from being TASERed, the skin screamed as the invader entered him.  It looked like the plug was being screwed into his ass hole, and finally the officer pushed a button on the plug, which made the skin scream again.
“Your ass is now filled with a plug, which will be as permanent as you misbehave.  It’s stretched to level 1 at present, it can go to level 10.  It can also do this…” Sarge pushed a small button in the case, and the skin screamed again.  “That’s the lowest e-stim setting.  Easy or difficult, your decision boy”.
The skinhead stopped struggling, was helped to his feet, and Sarge returned to his position.  “Aren’t you glad you chose easy?” Steve whispered in my ear.
A door opened at the far end of the corridor, and two more leather uniformed officers entered.  This time, they were wearing green leathers, in the same style as Sarge and Officer Steve.  I wasn’t able to see if they also had back zips.  Both were shaven headed, over six feet, and about Sarge’s build.
After an exchange in paperwork, we were all led out outside in our restraints.  Sarge patted me on my naked ass, and ran his gloved hand down across my hole, and told the two new officers “Take very good care of his one, he’s very special”, and winked. 
In turn each of us was helped into prison transport.  Inside were individual cells (more like a human size cage), to which we were each allocated.  Once seated, our ankle chains were clipped into a floor level attachment point by one of the guards, to which I found I could now only move my boots a few inches in any direction before the chain restricted me.  The guard also clipped the back of my collar into an attachment point, and fastened two belts around my chest and waist.  After that, he shut the cage door, leaving only a small viewing window.
I could see enough out the viewing window to see that the big skinhead from earlier was again struggling against his straight jacket and situation. 
“Level 3 boy until you calm down” I heard one of the guards exclaim.  There was a click, and the skinhead was screaming once again.  The screaming must have gone on for 30 seconds, followed by 10 seconds, and then it started again for 30 seconds.  There seemed to be less noise after that for a while, then I heard a familiar click of a collar being attached.
For a few moments, there was the sound of muffled voices outside, and no noise from inside the truck.  Then the roar of an engine starting, and we started to move.  I was to find out soon enough what the job center had in store.