Wednesday 8 June 2022

Fiction: Fringe Division #1 - Assessment

I was recruited for Fringe Division shortly after our government became aware of the consequences of Dr Bishop’s experimentation.  He’d proved that in addition to our own world, there were parallel versions to which a gateway could be created through which objects could pass.  Unfortunately, our parallel counterparts were working on similar technology; and as a result, cracks between our worlds were opening.  Fringe division was established to trace and seal these cracks, and also to protect our world.
Prior to Fringe Division, I’d been working within the FBI Homeland Security – so the change wasn’t too different.  With Fringe, the cases were often complicated, and stepping between parallel worlds came as part of the territory.  It was like the X-Files, only real.
Moving back and forward between universes took its toll on the body - upon crossing over it felt like every nerve ending in your body fired at once - followed by a few moments of nausea.  Sometimes, there were a few minutes of disorientation which came with it.  Not entirely an uncomfortable experience, it was like a form of brief high which you got used to. 
So I kept in shape - my six two, wide shouldered, high and tight dark hair, square jawed frame was in the gym every night.  Someone called me naturally defined, but I worked at it...   always caught other guys looking at my bubble but and abs in the changing room.  Some I'd have said yes to.
My day started like any other – early briefing, a new target location on the other side, followed by a change of clothing into something inconspicuous; tight blue jeans, polo shirt, leather biker jacket, combat boots, ankle holster holding my firearm, handcuffs and stun gun. My day was about to change.
As I stepped up and through the gateway, I saw a flash in the control room – that was different to normal – and I felt the customary nerve stimulation and crossed.  Expecting to find myself downtown, I was surprised to find myself walking along a straight freeway towards the city.  It wasn’t the first time that our targeting had gone nuts – it just made the job a little tougher.  So I started walking towards the city…
A few vehicles passed, but I wasn’t going to draw any attention to myself by hitching a ride.  I noticed a few turned heads looking at me, but didn’t think much of it.  The city was getting closer, and not like I had an immediate deadline.  I heard sirens in the distance ahead – the sounds of the city getting closer all the time.  The sirens got closer, and a black and white passed on the other side of the road. 
I allowed myself to remember my days before the FBI when I was back in uniform.  The dark blue pants showed off my ass cheeks and crotch, the shirt and body armour my chest and biceps.  I’d routinely get hit on by both men and women whilst working.   My boy at the time used to love it when I had need to come home in uniform; he’d always drop to his knees and start spit shining my boots and belt.  He’d always get rewarded by a pair of cuffs and a load down his throat or ass.
I was jarred out my remembrances by sirens again getting closer, this time from behind me.  A black and white passed me, lights flashing and sirens wailing, and then pulled into my path.  I was guessing I was their target of interest, but other than jaywalking, I was pretty sure there wasn’t any issue.  The driver’s door opened, and a huge mountain of a man got out; and at the same time, his partner; putting on and straightening their caps.  With the sun shining directly in my eyes, it was difficult to see anything but silhouettes, but even at my size, I was glad we were all on the same side.
“He’s no ID and not chipped, Sarge”, the passenger told his colleague.
“OK” was the grunted response. “Another farm boy looking for big city thrills.”
I put on my biggest friendly smile.  As they got closer, there was something different about the normal dark blue uniform, these were definitely not regulation.  Both cops were wearing highly polished Dehners, tight black leather breeches with blue side stripe, with what looked like a diamond quilted codpiece, gun belt, leather shirt, tie and leather cap.  Now that would have been a fun uniform to wear on the job. 
The driver was about 6’ 4”, tanned and handsomely square jawed with a neatly trimmed dark beard.  Probably wider than myself, must have been over 50” chest, and biceps that were probably bigger than my own neck.  This guy worked out a lot, and it showed.  His uniform was stretched tight over his massive frame.  There seemed to be a small tattoo above his left eyebrow, looked like five small dots.
The colleague was possibly my height or slightly taller, similar to myself in many ways, with wide shoulders drawing into a lean waist.  Clean shaven, with the most kissable lips I’d ever seen, he also appeared to have some dots tattooed over his eyebrow.  This time there were four.
Figuring this wasn’t a fancy dress, and this was Fringe Division after all, and trying not to make it obvious I had a hard on, I took the opening gambit
“Is there a problem officers?”
“We had a report of someone lost at the roadside.  New in town boy?”
A strange way to address a member of the public I thought, but I didn’t want any trouble so just went along with it.
“Yes sir”
“Looking for work?”
Again, a strange question I thought, but I needed to get into the city and focus on my target.
“Yes sir”
“Anything on you shouldn’t have boy?”
There it was again – it’d been a long time since I was a boy of any sort.
“Firearm on my right ankle sir”
Suddenly the mood changed, the big cop drew his TASER, pointed it at me, and ordered my hands behind my head.  It was okay, I would have done just the same out of caution. I slowly moved both hands behind my head, and the shorter cop moved in to perform a search. 
Searching each area of my body and clothes, the shorter cop took his time.  Starting down at my right ankle, he lifted my jeans, took my firearm and tucked it into his belt, along with my stun gun.  Confidently he moved further to check both my legs, and then my ass cheeks.  He seemed to slow down here, and ran his hands over my ass cheeks before his finger from the bottom of my ass to the top, applying a fair bit of pressure. 
Whilst I was normally on the giving end of this treatment, I’d be lying if I wasn’t enjoying his gloved leather hands across my ass cheeks and my cock had already reacted.  It didn’t help that I could see his Dehner boot planted between my legs, and smell leather with his every move.  When he started searching through my jean pockets, and then caressing my crotch, he no doubt felt I was hard – but continued professionally to run his hands across the small of my back across to my shoulders, and then across my chest and down my arms.  Under different circumstances this would have been a very erotic experience.
“Clear Sarge, still showing no ID or Chip”
“Alright, well, if you’re looking for work, then we’ll just have to take you in …. “
“Huh? When did searching for work in the city become a crime?” I exclaimed.
“If you come to our city for work, you need a chip, and a Level 1 experience” the big guy stated.
“What the fuck?” I put my hands down, which was probably a mistake I’d regret.  “Sarge” wasn’t happy.
“You’ll have no problems getting placed after processing with that ass boy”.  Suddenly, something hit me on the leg.  “Down!”, I heard as the charge fired through my muscles, and I couldn’t help but fall face down into the dirt.  Whilst I’d been hit by a TASER years ago during training, I still preferred the high of crossing over to this feeling.
Mr clean shaven cop unsnapped his cuffs from his belt, and pushed them on each of my wrists behind my back.  Still writhing slightly from the shock, each took an arm and led me across to their patrol car.  The smaller cop bundled me into the rear seat, and slammed the door shut; it was clear I was going nowhere.
Both jumped in the front seat of the cruiser.  The handsome Sarge was back in control again.  He even looked impressive from behind – I wondered what the back of his neck would taste like on my tongue… “Despatch, one unchipped in custody, will transport to assessment and processing.  You wanna take this one?”
“Sure Sarge, pleasure.”  The younger cop turned round to me, flashed me a smile, and said “Don’t worry boy, you’re gonna be fine”.
We arrived at a modern looking secure building, which I guessed was Sarge’s precinct.  The younger officer unlocked the back of the vehicle, put his leather cap on, and leaned close to me.  He put his gloved hand round my neck, and leant even closer; I could feel his breath against my ear.. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you, I’m Steve”. With that, he helped me out, and indicated me towards an armoured door.
Inside, I recognised the standard detention layout, and he lead me towards the processing desk, still in handcuffs.  The guy behind the desk was wearing the same full leather uniform as the other officers, but was a lot smaller, but solid and as wide as the others, but still had the five dots tattoo.  I was starting to really enjoy the men in this version of things.  Conversation went back and forward between this officer and my own, that I was an out of towner looking for work, with no fixed address, and “wasn’t chipped”.
“Right, everyone who works in any city has to be chipped.  You being an out of towner won’t be used to this, but his officer is going to take you to Level 1 processing.  Go with him and do what you’re told unless you want trouble.  Pre-Processing 2 Steve”.
With that, Officer Steve put his arm on the top of my shoulder and pushed me rightwards towards to a concrete corridor containing what looked like cells.  Not wanting any more trouble, and quite happy to look and smell Officer Steve for a while longer, I made sure I was compliant and walked down the corridor until I was lead towards a door marked “PP2”.
Officer Steve produced an ID card, and swiped it on the lock, and the door clicked, and opened outward.  The room behind the door seemed far larger than a regulation cell, and far brighter.  As I stepped inside, it looked like a cross between a cell and a medical room.  A desk and chair sat against one wall, containing what looked like some monitoring equipment, followed by two large head height lockers, a standard prison escort chair, what looked like some medical monitoring equipment on the wall; and a bed with a plastic mattress, complete with four point medical restraints.
“Easy or difficult?” as Steve took his TASER from his holster, placed it on the table, and sat down. The implication was clear to me.
“Easy”.  As Officer Steve had turned around, I made sure I got a good look at his tight ass, in his tight leathers.  I was also sure I noticed that his leathers had a zip all the way up his ass cheeks.
“Good.  Then let’s take the restraints off for now, and strip.” 
With that, he was back out his seat again, spun me round and leant me forward with my forehead against the cell door.  Once again, his boot was between my legs, this time, I could feel the top of his muscular thigh between my ass cheeks.  He ran his still gloved hand down my arm to my wrist, and unlocked the lock, releasing one of my hands.
“On your head”
I placed the hand on the back of my neck, as ordered, and soon my other hand was also free.  Officer Steve smelled good – not cologne, just a heady smell of warm leather and hard working man sweat.  He returned to the desk, and re-iterated “now strip”.  I figured this was just the standard strip search drill, even if a bit extreme under the circumstances. 
I took off my leather jacket, and dropped it at the side of the room where indicated by Officer Steve.  Then polo shirt revealing my chest.  “Hairy eh?  That’s a real shame.” was the somewhat strange comment from Officer Steve. Next, my combat boots were added to the clothing pile, socks, my belt, and I dropped my jeans and underwear.  Under different circumstances, perhaps in a weekend bar visit, the smell of leather, fully clad leather cop, would have guaranteed my cock wanting release from its confines, but this situation was a little different. 
“Now, take a seat in that chair…” Steve motioned to the prisoner escort chair.  I’d used similar before myself, a sturdy chair modified so a prisoner can be seated, and then strapped in for transport, even if their hands were cuffed behind their back.  I sat, unsure of the necessity – I wasn’t resisting, was naked, hardly a threat.
Officer Steve didn’t move for what seemed a long time before approaching the escort chair; at least he didn’t seem too heavy handed like some cops on a power trip.  Working quickly, he took my right arm, strapped a leather restraint around the wrist, and then another wider one around my bicep.  Next came the left, wrist and bicep; both my arms were now strapped vertically to the chair – I wasn’t going to be moving anywhere.
Next, a strap went around each ankle, pulled tight, and then around each thigh.  Then two belts across my naked chest, forming an X and holding my back against the chair.  I felt completely immobilised, and vulnerable – I wondered if  this is what it felt like in the electric chair.  I was brought back to reality with Officer Steve checking all the straps were fastened tightly, running his gloved hands down my chest, and brushing his finger over my nipple.  I looked at him in mild surprise, Officer Steve grinned, and said “let’s get you ready for assessment”.
Officer Steve turned to one of the head height lockers behind him, and swiped his ID card.  Now I was certain – Officer Steve had a full back zip in his uniform.  Perhaps these uniforms were for some other purpose, but the thought of this leather clad stud, ready for fucking at any time made my cock twitch. 
Steve reached into the locker, and pulled out what I could only describe as a heavy full rubber hood, with some attached cables and wires.  It looked far heavier than the hoods I’d been put in previously.  Officer Steve busied himself plugging in various tube, and wires to the console on the wall.  The console spoke “active”.  Officer Steve brought the hood close to my head; and to be honest, I was terrified – and it must have shown on my face. 
“Easy or difficult?”
“Easy”.  I wasn’t in any position to be resisting him.
Officer Steve leant forward, put his hand round the back of my neck and pulled my head forward, then planted his lips on mine.  I felt his tongue push against my lips, and enter my mouth, exploring and playing with my own.  My cock sprung to attention even more, and I enjoyed tasting him; and breathing in the heady smell of his leathers.
With that, he pulled back, and started pulling the heavy hood over my head.  The hood was made of what felt like heavy rubber, and it took Officer Steve some time to enclose my head.  The hood had two eye visors, which Officer Steve adjusted into position.  My vision wasn’t entirely normal, but I was still able to see mostly; and the hood’s thickness was muffing most outside sounds other than my breathing. The scent of sweat and rubber filled my lungs, I wondered if I could get a hood like this made at home.  Officer Steve checked the fit one final time, and then started strapping the hood tighter at the back of my head, and then I felt pressure around my neck which I guessed was a fastening collar.
Officer Steve returned to the wall console again, allowing me the opportunity to again check out his tight ass, and customised uniform.  After a few button pushes on the console, I could see it displaying “Suspect Assessment”,  and touch screen button showing “Start”.  He tapped the button.
I became aware that the hood suddenly felt a bit tighter, and there was pressure across my face.  It felt like the hood had a built in inner mask, like an anaesthesia mask, which felt like it was inflating and sealing around my nose and mouth.  In a few seconds, I could hear a valve on the front of the mask opening and closing with my breath.  I didn’t know if it was controlling my breath or me controlling it, but either way, it wasn’t hard to breath.
A new indicator appeared on the wall console “Assessment Score”, and then flashed up with a “3” on a red background.  Officer Steve seemed to notice this score, raised his eyebrows, and smiled.  Next, I was aware of some form of white noise in my ears, and I could no longer hear any outside noise.  The console flashed “Level 4 Officer Preparation”.
Officer Steve immediately started to remove his gloves, radio, and tie, and start undoing his leather uniform shirt.
A male voice started speaking in my ears through the hood headphones at the same instant.”
“You are being assessed against employment standards.  You are owned by the officer in front of you who will conduct testing.  Relax and be compliant”
With that, the voice stopped, and the white noise returned.  The word “owned” was a surprising one, but the idea of this leather clad stud owning me wasn’t altogether unpleasant.  The Assessment Score was now flashing between 3 and 4, and Officer Steve was continuing to undo the snaps on his leather shirt.  With the snaps undone, he slowly took off his shirt, to reveal his body armour under, which he unsnapped, and took off revealing his naked chest.
Hairless, and defined, his broad shoulders showed off his developed deltoids and pecs.   He had well developed biceps, and tight defined abs with a six pack.  It was a body I could have looked at all day.  I wanted to run my tongue across his chest, down across his tits and lick that six pack, but in my situation restrained in the chair, I succeeded in nothing but more frustration in looking at him.
The score seemed to stabilise at level 4 on the console.
The screen displayed “Begin Officer Assessment Level 1”.
Officer Steve now unclipped his gunbelt, and put it on the back of the chair, and came over to the chair.  He reached forward and stroked the top of the hood, down my face and to my chest.  Stroking my naked shoulder, he moved his fingers down to my exposed nipple and started playing with it, sometimes gentle and sometimes hard.  I let out a moan into my mask, and Steve started playing with my other.  I was beginning to think I’d cope with this assessment without a problem.  My cock was now rock hard, and already I wanted badly to fuck Officer Steve.
Steve was now standing in front of me, still in his codpiece leather pants, and polished boots.  He left my tits alone, and knelt down in front of the restraint chair.  Taking my nuts in his hand, he teased them and twisted them for a while, before sliding his fingers to my now rock hard cock.  Running his fingers along the length, he started slowly jerking me off.  I moaned even louder now – Steve smiled.  Now running his finger across the tip, I struggled and pulled against my bonds, and Steve collected a drop of precum which had been collecting, and raised it to his lips, and licked it off.
I lost sight of Steve now, my rubber hood couldn’t see low enough.
Level 5 flashed up on the console, and suddenly I felt the unmistakeable sensation of Steve’s tongue on the tip of my cock.  Working his tongue across the head first, and then down the shaft, I felt him take the full length down to his throat.  Slowly at first, taking the full length, and then increasing the speed, this stud leather cop was now servicing me.  
I moaned into the hood, wanting desperately to fuck Steve’s face, but my restraints preventing me from doing so.  Level 7 on a yellow background was now displaying on the console, and I was getting close to shooting.  Steve seemed to be enjoying this too, but pulled back and returned to gently playing with my tits.  I was breathing heavily into the mask and desperately wanted to play with myself – the restraint chair seemed more inescapable than ever.
Suddenly, I felt a mechanical vibration coming from the restraint chair, and I was aware of something rubbing down the crack of my ass.  It felt like the chair had a connected dildo which I was powerless to resist.  Finding its spot, this new assessment started pushing against my hole, trying to gain entry.
“Just relax boy and let it in” Steve’s voice came through the white noise.
I tried to concentrate on relaxing, and this dildo succeeded in invading my ass.  It felt as if it was ridged or shaped, and a fair size.  The vibration continued, and I felt the dildo sliding out and then into my ass.  The chair was fucking me! 
I was worried how long this was going to last, and I now desperately wanted to shoot my load.  The noticed the screen now displayed “Level 9” on a green background.  In addition, a new button was being displayed “Advanced Assessment?”.  Steve who’d been playing with my tits, and fairly passive during this last stage of “assessment”, stood up, and tapped the “Yes” button on the console.